I cannot deal with your anger.

And, I don’t necessarily disagree with you.

Either you manufactured your outrage, or you have mastered the art of unskilled communication – but the daily outbursts are not convincing me to empathize with you; even though I may agree with you.

The world is noisy enough, people. We have real challenges and conflicts. When did some folks decide the louder they scream the more likely they will be heard? It doesn’t work that way.

Yes, I’m pissed, and I’m exhausted. I’ve been exhausted and in retreat for some time, now. My pleas to put down taking up sides and shine your light seem to have fallen on deaf ears, as we continue to slip deeper into this unholy mess. I haven’t published a post since last April. This is unusual, because this blog was conceived when I realized I wasn’t embracing my calling and I made a leap to create a better, happier, more authentically Well-Lived Life. It was a thrilling time and I wanted to share the formula, spread the word. So, I did, every Friday for over 4 years. But, somewhere around 2016, I found myself repeating the same theme:

Behave – you’re contributing to the problem!

Now, don’t get all bent and butt-hurt – it may not be you www.michelleandresart.com/2017/08/pissypersonally. But, if you don’t know what I mean, you probably are not only contributing to the problem, you may BE the problem.

Remember how stuff grows where intention flows? What are you creating by pouring your energy there? (click to Tweet).

I tend to think, at the end of the day, we all want the same things. We want to be respected, heard and even loved. It doesn’t matter the colour of our skin, the religion we do or do not have, our sexual or political preferences or our socio-economic status. At the core of every human being, we want, and deserve, to be respected, heard and loved.

Can’t we do that for one another?

If we can’t, it’s because we’re not willing. And if you’re not willing, YOU are the problem. So when you shut the front door behind you today, make that willingness, those actions, your mission!

That’s right. I’m finished being subtle. It begins with every single individual. YOU. We will not stop the white supremeists (I can’t even fucking spell it), North Korea’s threats, the hi-jacking of our food supply or _________________(insert your cause here) by throwing tantrums and disrupting the little sanity that remains. You drive people AWAY doing that and those who screech from the rafters are hurting the cause. He’s not your president? Who the eff cares? He does not have the potential to change the tenor of the country the way we all collectively do.

Serve with love.

www.michelleandresart.com/2017/08/pissyThis doesn’t mean we tolerate or condone poor behaviours, but let’s start checking our own behaviours.  Let’s listen to one another so we feel respected, heard and loved. Let’s reclaim our humanity and spread it across the globe. Don’t tell me you’ve lost possession of your beautiful, human, God-given soul. Come back to it. We inherently know the truth. Tap into that light and let it shine. Signing off because I have my own inner work to do.

Live, Love, Listen Respectfully,


Michelle Andres is a writer and artist who cultivates her own
Well Lived Life by drinking in the beauty around her, following her passion, respecting others and doing her best to own her own dookie. 

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