Caught in the Net

Information overloadSeems these days we’re required to pay attention to avalanches of information. Thanks to “The Internet,” information is at our fingertips – simple to access and with varying degrees of accuracy. We self-diagnose, self-direct and self-compare with the assistance of “The Internet.” It doesn’t come without its issues.

Productivity in my studio feels low. We’ve all been warned about the time trappings of lurking in the Internetic Jungle. We know the distractions, confusion and false hopes it can provide. But, truth be told, we need this technology to remain competitive in our businesses…to what extent, I’m not quite sure.  I seemed to think I had a handle on these entanglements, but I overlooked something. Something so simple. Something distracting, time consuming and easily solvable. Continue reading “Caught in the Net”

Two Rabbits


The saying is a Roman proverb, sometimes contributed to Confucious.

Recently, I felt like I was chasing more than two rabbits. The furry moppets refused to hang together and…well…I’m not as fast as I used to be. The constant changing of direction and gears seems to put a damper on my speed and hinder a razor-sharp focus.

So, sometimes it’s best to cut bait and walk away.

But, how do we make the decisions about which rabbits to chase and when to cut them loose? I guess it’s dependent upon our objectives and priorities. AND, do we even give consideration to such things? When it comes to priorities, do you spend time examining them, or just let the tail wag the rabbit-chasing dog? (click to Tweet)

When considering which rabbit to chase, I say if you’re supporting a family and need the income, that might be your first priority – the money – so you chase the biggest, fattest rabbit you can find. Continue reading “Two Rabbits”

At Your Service – Overcoming Fear of Sales

fear of salesFreaked out by sales? I don’t mean lack of sales or through the roof sales…I mean actively selling your stuff.

Books are written and entire Psychology practices are built upon the science of sales. I used to work with sales teams – and my company would do psychological profiles to identify the most desirable traits, so we could profile our ideal candidates. The field can be downright overwhelming…or underwhelming…depending upon how you look at it, and

some. people. just. don’t. like. it.

If you’re self-employed, whether you offer a product or a service, you must sell in order to survive. Still, a lot of people are reluctant to approach sales for a variety of reasons. I don’t think it’s because they believe they are too good for the task…sometimes they think they’re not good enough. Neither is true.

I’ve found the some of the top reasons for reluctance to sell. AND, in the spirit of the Well Lived Life, I’d like to offer some solutions: Continue reading “At Your Service – Overcoming Fear of Sales”

Bleeding On It

(Disclaimer: This is not REALLY me.)

I’m a “recovering Catholic.”

Yet, I still believe I must bleed on it.

Although I’ve taught time management workshops for years, and I can spot a “Time Drain Myth” from miles away – still I clutch to this big lie like Wylie Coyote to a twig on a cliff.

“For it to be really good – I must bleed on it.”

Sweat is not enough. Tears pale in comparison. It must have the mark of bit of blood and it has to hurt…only then do I know, the job is good enough. It doesn’t even have to be PERFECT…at least not in the big sense…but it does have to be, well, red. (I think there’s a pun there!).

It becomes especially imperative when I’m not well versed in the topic. (I think I’m dripping with puns). For instance, I don’t REALLY let blood over this weekly blog post – and it’s not because you’re not important to me – YOU ARE!  I’ve written so many of these posts I’ve felt the tender softness of your forgiveness when I miss the mark. I know your mercy. 

 This is also a comforting thought in art making.

Continue reading “Bleeding On It”