An Equation for Self-Worth

self-worthI don’t want to write today. This fine morning, I have a choice. I’ve written this blog for you for over 3 years – I think – but I’m not good at math, really. Well, except in the idiot savant sense, when I baffle and amaze…but I’m veering off track. I always post on Friday. 3 years ago, I made a commitment to myself to write every week. I didn’t care if you read it or not; I wanted to write it. Well, now, I’m giddy and grateful you read it – or at least sometimes you read it. I really feel blessed when you leave comments or share it. You’ve encouraged me and I’m considering a book…but that’s another story. The point is, I don’t want to write today, and I wouldn’t, if it weren’t for that darned equation of self-worth. But, like a quick talking, fast moving, snake oil salesman, I’ll explain the math later.

Know how that is when you don’t want to do something -especially when it’s good for you? Have you ever had a hard time finding the motivation to keep your commitments? Does it ever happen to you? Continue reading “An Equation for Self-Worth”

YOU – Get Off Your High Horse!!!

YOU change your focusYeah, you – you self-righteous, name-calling, fear mongering, judgmental … YOU! Can’t we change the focus….please?

I’ve seen YOU on my social media feed and some of YOU on my television. I’ve heard your fears being, not just shouted, but shrilly wailed from the roof tops. You’re divisive. Your insistence we break into camps helps no one. Worst of all…you are disturbing MY chi!

Newsflash –

There are so many beautiful things in this world. Can’t we just focus on those? Can’t we focus on the beauty of new life, the excitement of new opportunities, the celebration of accomplishment? Can’t we focus on the incredible fall colours and the fact light will be coming back to the Northern Hemisphere soon? Oh, the light!!! Let’s focus on that – both literally and metaphorically speaking. Continue reading “YOU – Get Off Your High Horse!!!”

Recipe for a Peace of Mind

We all have an appetite for a peace of mind.

Unfortunately, too often it seems it’s come to this –  people are divided, though we are more alike than we are different. We blame, finger point, cave to fears…and the truth is…most of it may not even be real. This Ted Talk brought to light just how much of what we’re told is intended to manipulate us to do something, not do something or vilify our fellow human beings. Many of these “agendas” work against people being whole, healthy and happy… though I’m not sure that’s their primary objective. We don’t have to let the establishment cannibalize us – do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? (click to Tweet). We can cultivate wholeness and unity.

It begins with us. It begins with gaining control over our own souls, our own thoughts and deciding who we want to be in this world. I believe we were designed, by God, to be peaceful beings, but it’s so difficult to do when we’re being manipulated into contention. This constant division, attacking and vilifying is like sandpaper on our souls (click to Tweet).

Do you know who you want to be? Are you brave enough to claim it?

Bill Phillips Who you are quote Continue reading “Recipe for a Peace of Mind”