Social Media Has Made Me A Better Person

Social media has made me a better person.

Social MediaI know, you’re probably saying, “Whaaaaaat?” You might believe people let their alter-egos run like wild toddlers on “Fakebook” and other social media platforms, but that isn’t always true. I’d like to believe very few do.

Several years ago, I realized the person I was born as had been buried alive to allow birth for the person who would comply with expectations. It wasn’t really a tragedy, because I developed skills I probably wouldn’t have pursued if left to my own devices. I became an educated, professional who could run not only an entire life by myself, but also run other people’s entire days and businesses. But, one day I realized I needed to honor that silenced inner voice. It was a crossroads. I needed to bloom before I went to seed, so the gag-order was lifted.

I wrote a “coming out post” – birthing this blog, “The Art of the Well Authetic picLived Life” and mostly quit my corporate gig. I occasionally dip my toe back into the water, because it’s fun, refreshing and still part of who I am (and it can buy a lot of paint!), but I spend the bulk of my days pursuing more creative endeavors.

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Studio Space – A Place to Call Your Own

Studio Space
Sirima Sataman’s workspace as seen on design

How important is studio space to creating the art you love? What impact does it have on your work? To some of us, the surroundings are vital to success…to others, the impact is minimal.

I know people who’ve made art in basements, in garages and at kitchen tables. I once made a mosaic bench on two saw horses and an old door (the table) in a falling down gazebo.  I’m sure others have created in stranger places.

It’s interesting our preferences, and the excuses we can use to NOT create. For instance, I have a friend who has been delaying art-making

Studio Space
Claire Basler at work – Buddhabrot

until she has a “proper space.” It’s going on 3 or 4 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing any fingers…just observing.

I’ve found some spaces are more inspirational than others. I used to share a studio space that had previously been used by a very renowned artist. I expected an infusion of juju that couldn’t be beat down with a big ol’ stick, but that never happened. As a matter of fact, I practically couldn’t write in that space. The energy was all wrong – and because it was shared – it could be energetically cleared and then would soon be filthy with negative buzz again. No. Helping. It. Continue reading “Studio Space – A Place to Call Your Own”

You Can Quote Me!

Matisse Art QuoteMy friends’ studios often impress me. I love that the spirits of the artists come through in the energy of the room. It’s exciting to see their preferences, their tools and their work in their space. Have you ever noticed how art studios usually sport at least one motivational saying on the walls, often more? I’ve been to studios and teaching spaces where quotes were painted on the walls – that’s my favourite! In corporate, there were motivational posters, too, but they usually involved people in boats or cartoon characters – not as pretty or inspiring.

Art Quote


This week, I offer you art quotes. You can click on any of these to download them. Feel free to print them out and put them in your studio, workspace – keep them in front of you to help encourage and inspire you through your day.

Klee Art QuoteFeel free to pin or share them on social media, too. At the top right side of the image, there are buttons to all the social media sites. These quotes all involve my artwork – which can be seen it entirety here. Art Softens Edges Art Quote - Andres

Feel free to share your favourite art quote below in the comments; if I choose it for a future post I’ll be sure to contact you for a link to the site of your choice, cuz I love collaboration and giving credit where credit is due! Enjoy and….

Geroge Bernard Shaw Art Quote


Keep Living and Creating a Well Lived Life!



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Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s your biggest advocate? Who champions your career, has your back, ferrets out opportunity that will benefit you?Advocate for yourself - create opportunity

I hope your answer is – ME! I don’t mean me…the coach, the artist, the advisor…I mean YOU! You probably aren’t comfortable advocating for yourself. Few of us are, but the truth is, you MUST be your own advocate, whether you’re a creative, a corporate person, a small business owner or a solo-preneur. No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to be your own best advocate. It’s not a bloated ego thing. It’s a smart thing (click to Tweet).

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