Noticing the Difference

Finding possibilitiesIf there are keys for getting from where you are now, to where you want to be, one of them surely is ‘noticing the difference.’ (click to Tweet)

Noticing the difference is like peeling an onion. Differences, nuances of shades, exist on so many levels. Sometimes, for me, the awareness is fleeting. I get a glimpse of where I want to go and then it fades, that’s how I know I have so much more to learn. Other times, in areas where I have more experience, it’s clearly noticeable. Finally, when we’re accomplished at something, the difference shows up as a fact; the level of competence or mastery easily discerns the level of the novice. I’m not just talking about art. This “difference” also shows in how we behave in personal relationships, leadership situations, golf or any sport, even parenting. Not that parenting is a sport…though sometimes, I guess, it can actually feel that way. Continue reading “Noticing the Difference”

Building Blocks

Today in yoga class, while I was supposed to be following my breath, I was thinking about why ideas for writing Free from Doubttopics are not as scorching hot white as they’ve been in the past. It’s a bad time to be having revelations when the instructor is telling you to empty your mind. But then, I’ve always had a penchant for disobedience.

I’m not talking about the actual presentation – the completed articles I share on this blog – I’m talking about the creative spark, the fascination with a topic, the inspiration that creates the flame. Artists, and some writers, too, call it the “Muse.”

A couple weeks ago, as my embers cooled, I put a call out to you, the readers. You’ll see it here. The response was considerable and I thank you for sharing your ideas. I received comments on the blog, social media and emails, and I knew…

You all need some help. (click to Tweet for those “other people” you know need help)

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Still Cheap and Easy

(This is a repost from August 2014 – because I’m still doing this and loving it! How about you?)

I give it away. I’m more than cheap and easy…I’m free. Sorry, Mom, probably not what you wanted to hear.

Volunterring at Blue Line Arts

I volunteer… a lot.

Wednesday I offered to help a friend install his first solo show. After arriving and finding there was considerable framing to do, I realized what I thought would be a 3-hour job was going to take all day. It was a 7-hour affair… and I was so grateful.

It might help if you had a little back-story. In the “olden days,” when I limped off the corporate battlefield several years ago, I realized I didn’t know the art industry as thoroughly as I’d hoped. Since I yearned for a well-rounded education, I volunteered – doing everything I could – so I could learn the business inside and out. Rather than enroll in more college courses, I’d earn this education with sweat, sore muscles and the uncertainty of new experiences. Continue reading “Still Cheap and Easy”