8 Operating Procedures for a Well-Lived Life

I’m  not an expert at accessing joy. I’ve tripped into the well-lived life, for sure. I remember a few stumbles I’ve taken Life Manualalong the way, that made the trip more joyful, more meaningful, more full…but I’m well aware I have a long way to go. Basically, I’m half-baked.

I awoke Thanksgiving morning with a realization in my heart.

Life is hard for some people.

It’s just difficult. I am grateful I’ve found my way through…and grateful for the hardships I’ve endured that lent some perspective and, basically, gave me operating instructions for how to do life differently.

Still, my heart is sad for those in a place where they have no, or little, access to light and joy. I know it’s a journey they must take for themselves and they have to find their own road map….but I wish I could help every single one of them. Continue reading “8 Operating Procedures for a Well-Lived Life”

7 Tips for Keeping Your Eyes on the Good

Good, gratitudeRamping down from the bustle of summer, autumn can be a time of reflection. With that comes a focus on gratitude – probably because of Thanksgiving.

In this blog, “The Art of The Well Lived Life,” I searched the term and discovered I’ve written over 16 posts that mention gratitude. In prayers, I’m always grateful. In retrospect, though I broke with tradition this year and didn’t share something I’m grateful for each day, I did feel grateful…constantly. Gratitude changes outlooks, it changes lives. (click to Tweet) But, that really can’t be the catalyst as to why we give thanks. Gratitude comes from a pure place, one that lacks expectation or return.

I find it curious that, as a society, we always look for what isn’t right. We look for the flaw, the problem, and often, even if there isn’t a problem, we are sometimes frightened into thinking there is one, often by the media. We worry. It solves nothing. We are, by and large, a neurotic mass of medicated, commercially addicted, woeful, empty souls. Is it because we don’t focus on gratitude? Is it because we don’t see what is good and right, but sharply drill into the things that could be better?

Continue reading “7 Tips for Keeping Your Eyes on the Good”

Vanity Fails

shame and imperfectionMy art show opened last week. A friend pulled me aside and in a hushed, shamed tone rasped, “Did you mean to have that drip there?” Well, yeah. I’m an artist, I’m not blind. What’s the problem with a little drip?


It’s not just with art…it’s with everything. I howled with laughter as a Facebook friend asked if anyone had ever had an eyelash curler chop lashes off. Well, yeah. I was 17 and there were no artificial lash replacements. I survived teenage boys inquiring, “What happened to your lashes?” for WEEKS!  It built character! 

My friend’s eyelash incident kicked off the conversation. The curling irons that burn off chunks of hair, the appliances that burn us, scar us…emotionally and physically. Continue reading “Vanity Fails”

You’re As Good As Goaled

GoalsMany years ago, I opened a volume of poetry and prayers and a colourful, folded, Post-It note fell out. On this paper I had written 5 things I wanted to accomplish. I’d written them, tucked them into the book and forgotten all about them. They incubated on the bookshelf for 2 years, then, voila, were rediscovered. DONE. COMPLETE. FINITO.

Has this ever happened to you? When it does, it feels like there’s some divine purpose behind it. I’ve experienced this phenomenon multiple times and when it happens, I’m always surprised at how my life has moved in the direction of the intent. The simple act, the intention, written on a piece of paper has a kind of power in itself. It works. Continue reading “You’re As Good As Goaled”