Create a Personally Meaningful Holiday Season

Personally Meaningful Holiday SeasonHere it comes…

The holidays.

Are you ready for the bustle, the buying, the hubbub?

Are you ready for gentle lights, quiet warmth, sharing, generosity and reflection?

I love the holidays – on my own terms. (click to Tweet)

The free market has defined the holidays for us, as it was apt to do. And we’ve lapped it up, like milk from a saucer, just as the marketing analysts predicted. I’m not so interested in that. Is it me? Or is it just me?  I’d like to celebrate a personally meaningful holiday season – because

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Charting a Course for the Good Life

What a week! Don’t ‘cha think?Good Life

It’s been an emotional ride, from the Paris attacks, to our divided ideas as a nation trying to manage a refugee crisis. No one is asking my opinion, and I’m not about to give it – I’m hardly qualified. However, I can clearly see the fallout and have charted that course before. Heck, I’ve got a map!!!

I’ve written about addictions before. I’ve addressed Internet addiction and the compulsion to be “selected.” But, what about addiction to the news? Are you afraid if you turn the news off you’ll be left behind? Terrified you’ll be only one on Earth without a 6-month supply of drinking water and coconut Kind bars if you wrench yourself away? Suffering from “Media Malaise?” I realize this is a stretch, but are you convinced the media is full of manipulative lies, designed to motivate you with fear, name-calling and confusion, but despite that realization you can’t turn network news off? You might be a sick, wrecked, sadistic mess of a person. It’s okay. We’re all a little cracked.   Continue reading “Charting a Course for the Good Life”

Lightening the Load

Load of baggageThere’s been something on my mind lately. It has to do with lightening the load, letting the past go, forgiveness. Basically, it’s about not dragging your baggage behind you…forever.

I’ve wanted to write about it, but realized I’ve written something similar before and I don’t want to be redundant. Let me repeat that, I don’t want to be redundant.

Yet, I realize, life is a spiritual practice. Truly, it is.

Sometimes, I find myself repeating the same lessons over again. I suppose it’s either because I haven’t fully learned them, or perhaps I just have a short memory. Did I ever tell you that? Does it happen to you, too? Which, you ask? Whichever.

Anyway, lately I’ve been shedding stuff. You’ll remember I let go of the stuff with my neighbor. I’ve also let go of some past relationship baggage – where I’d felt wronged. Maybe, rather than feeling we’ve been wronged we should feel we’ve been “informed.” Seems easier on the soul. (click to Tweet)

I’m not sure what triggers that moment when we choose to drop the load and move forward. It’s strange, but we drag it behind us – the stories, the wrongs – sometimes for a long, looooong, time. They begin to feel like part of us, this extra weight. Maybe eventually we don’t even notice it. These things become part of our identity.

Maybe that’s why we refuse to let them go. We think things like, if I wasn’t a “victim” of so and so, who would I be? If I hadn’t had that bad employment experience, who would I be? If I didn’t have that difficult relationship with that awful person, who I make wrong so I can be okay being me, who would I be? I’m not sure exactly who I’d be, but I’m sure of WHAT I’d would be….lighter. I’m sure I’m okay without the bags.

Seems some of the bags I carry aren’t even my own; they’re the bags of those evil twins, judgment and expectation; the twins who steal our levity, our joy, our liberation. They keep us in the world of our stories, which may or may not be true…but who really cares? 

So, as I move ahead, I thought I’d share my inner-ramblings with you. Because, while I’m a bit crazy, I’m no more or less crazy than you are… and you’ve probably carried some bags, too. I think you’ll find, if you put down the bags, the colours are more vivid, the heart is lighter, life is sweeter. So….

Check your bags,



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