Don’t Say It! – 10 Things NOT to Say to Artists

Insulting Artists
Insulted Jewish Boy Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy

Artists are a sensitive bunch. Recently, the following list of “10 Things NOT to Say to An Artist or Crafter” has been circulating on the Internet. These comments may be considered insensitive or crass to those of us in the art field. If a potential buyer were to say some of these things to you, you might have a less-than-polite reply. Take a gander: Continue reading “Don’t Say It! – 10 Things NOT to Say to Artists”

What’s Your Problem?

What’s your problem?Art Problems

Yeah, I know you have one. Or you ought to. I currently have an issue I’m working out….more often than not, I work on it in front of you all! Not this one…not yet.

Cat got yer tongue?

Truly, we all face different challenges at different times in our lives. Full-time artists have different challenges than part-time artists. Self-employed artists find various challenges, but so do artists who work for design firms or studios. The challenges we face are unique and personal. Continue reading “What’s Your Problem?”

5 Ways to Market Your Art While Remaining True to Yourself

Art MarketingMarketing should be a 4-letter word.

At least that’s what many artists think. Generally, artists dread marketing their art. It feels so manipulative, challenging, word-driven, competitive…the list goes on. It cuts into studio time.

As an artist, part of the deal is you have to market your work. Few of us have agents beating down the doors, clamoring to represent us and industriously creating distribution inroads. Necessity requires we use our creativity to identify venues for showing our work and reaching those who will appreciate, and purchase, our art. Continue reading “5 Ways to Market Your Art While Remaining True to Yourself”

Cheap and Easy

I give it away. I’m more than cheap and easy…I’m free. Sorry, Mom, probably not what you wanted to hear.

Volunterring at Blue Line Arts
Tony Natsoulas and Wendy Nagle Installing an Exhibit – Photo by Lang Lew

I volunteer… a lot.

Wednesday I offered to help a friend install his first solo show. After arriving and finding there was considerable framing to do, I realized what I thought would be a 3-hour job was going to take all day. It was a 7-hour affair… and I was so grateful.

It might help if you had a little back-story. In the “olden days,” when I limped off the corporate battlefield several years ago, I realized I didn’t know the art industry as thoroughly as I’d hoped. Since I yearned for a well-rounded education, I volunteered – doing everything I could – so I could learn the business inside and out. Rather than enroll in more college courses, I’d earn this education with sweat, sore muscles and the uncertainty of new experiences. Continue reading “Cheap and Easy”

The Art of the Portfolio

Authenticity.Art portfolio

It’s the most important thing about your art portfolio, beginning with your artist statement.

I know, you’re thinking –  how could my art NOT be authentic? I created it! Well, it goes deeper than that. I know you can’t fake what you create (mostly not), but is it aligned with you? How about the rest of your portfolio?

Want an awesome portfolio?

 First be yourself.

Nearly every month I deliver a professional development workshop to artists at a local arts center. Everyone there wants to be successful and happy, but some don’t want to be SEEN. We are an insecure, tender bunch, like little baby spring lettuce. Egos get easily bruised, hearts are on our sleeves, we wish for respect but don’t feel entitled to it. I get it. I’m one of you. Continue reading “The Art of the Portfolio”