The Art of the Well Lived Life - Imperfections and ShameThe Well Lived Life is Created by YOU!

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find the sweet spot of living well. All too often, we get in our own way and complicate the matter. The truth is, in the “Fabric of Humanity” there’s a common thread woven through us all…and every now and then, the stitch hits a snag. We are tapestries of beauty, snags and the occasional hole in the fabric. Realizing we all share those “marks” that give us character, alleviates the shame. I have the flaws, too, but in these most popular posts, I try to be the seamstress. I often talk about those things no one else says – but everyone THINKS! I hope you find the posts funny and helpful and realize imperfections are okay. If you’re looking for resources for your art biz, go here …now, regarding those flaws, no worries, I’ll go first…

 12 Steps and a Trip – My Struggle with Computer Addiction

Fair Weather Thinking – Our Self-Beliefs and How We Cloud Our Ability to See and Make Choices

Driven to Distraction – Organizing Your Life to Make the Most of Time

Willpower and Work – It’s an Inside Job

The Urge to Purge – Declutter Your Life!

As Good as Goaled – Your Guide to Achieving Your Goals and Dreams 

Copeless – At the End of My Ropeless – Making Choices so Your Life Won’t Feel Like Such a Mess

Call of the Wild Hair – Addressing the Bucket List

Bone Tired – Tips for Recovering from Exhaustion

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