Potential is the Pits

Potential in the pitsSeveral weeks ago, I put an avocado pit in some water with some toothpicks to steady it.

It sprouted and grew several glossy, healthy leaves.

A friend came by and said (sort of sarcastically), “Oh, GREAT in 20 years you can have some avocados.”

But, that was not at all the point.

The point was:

That little pit wanted to become a tree.

Never, ever underestimate the power of potential. 



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Wonky World – Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in RetrogradeFrom September 17th until October 9th Mercury is in retrograde,  or
“retrofit” as my husband likes to say, but he’s not a big “asstrology” fan.   I don’t REALLY know what this retrograde thing is all about, but I’ve heard things can go askew during this time. In a way, it makes no sense, because beginning last weekend everything got wonky in my perfect little world.

It seems nothing is getting done. I arrive at confirmed appointments at the wrong time (miscommunication), meetings seem uneasy, misunderstandings rear their heads, traffic is unbearable and things just aren’t falling into place, in fact, they may not even have a place.

Chaos.Fire Breathing Dragon

Do you know what I mean? Does this ever happen to you? I KNOW it does. Sure, we try to remain positive and hopeful, because we know if we even dare breathe on the idea of the energy-sucking, fire-breathing dragon, we give life to it…and I ain’t no dragon mama! (click to tweet)

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Burn Notice – Insights from Burning Man

Insights Burning Man 2015
Photo Courtesy of Incredible Winemaker & Friend – Stuart Spoto

Insight comes in unusual places. In the middle of a desert, I suppose one would expect a few good insights. Jesus found and resisted temptation in a desert. In Paulo Coehelo’s “The Alchemist” the desert stood between the characters and their dreams, until they learned to embrace its offerings. Insights in the desert – I had some at a festival called, “Burning Man.”

I spent days preceding and the weekend of Labor Day on a salt flat in the desert, being reminded of things that really matter in life. It was a wholly unique and personal experience. Although there were over 70,000 other people with me. I have feeling for each person…Insights from Burning Man 2015

the insights revealed were uniquely their own.

Perhaps, some had no realizations at all. I’m always inviting wisdom into my life; whether or not I recognize it as it comes, is debatable. And, I still maintain those who claim wisdom are the very people it eludes (click to tweet).

Dragon backlit

For many days I breathed through a scarf because winds and dirt devils made it impossible to breathe and see clearly – the irony is not lost on me here. Days passed and I didn’t have the luxury of bathing…but, in the desert’s defense, it was a really, really dry dirt. It was impossible to drag a comb through my hair. Even a Really. Wide. Toothed. Comb.Insights from Burning Man 2015 It was all okay, because when the skies cleared or the sun set, I was treated Continue reading “Burn Notice – Insights from Burning Man”


Silence Cairns(This post is republished from 9/1/15 – still pertinent. I hope you enjoy. As always, your comments and thoughts are welcome. We learn through sharing.  ~m )

Silence is priceless. It’s a precious space where the feet of our souls, not the soles of our feet, find solid ground. In silence we can contemplate, innovate, be.

Silence provides a reprieve, walling out the chatter, the opinions, the judgment, the noise.

Silence provides a feather bed for deep discovery. (Click to Tweet) Continue reading “Silence”