Silence Cairns(This post is republished from 9/1/15 – still pertinent. I hope you enjoy. As always, your comments and thoughts are welcome. We learn through sharing.  ~m )

Silence is priceless. It’s a precious space where the feet of our souls, not the soles of our feet, find solid ground. In silence we can contemplate, innovate, be.

Silence provides a reprieve, walling out the chatter, the opinions, the judgment, the noise.

Silence provides a feather bed for deep discovery. (Click to Tweet)

In silence the unfurling begins…slowly revealing the truth

  • Of our identities
  • Of our desires
  • Of our purpose
  • Of our shortcomings – if we choose to listen

Silence charts the course, closest to the sacred. Silence is vehicle that helps us embark upon a journey or so intimate, raw…Silencerevealing…difficult.

Stay with it.

Be in it.

Even if it shakes your soul…

Answers will come.

Do you take regular time for contemplation, reflection and silence? What benefits do you receive from such a practice? Feel free to share your experiences.





Michelle Andres is a writer, artist and coach who nudges, nay, shoves, her clients in the direction of their dreams, helping them to overcome non-productive behaviours and enjoy more success in Writer, Artist, Coachtheir lives.

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5 Replies to “Silence”

  1. I find that silence keeps me open to new possibilities by making me mindful of the present moment, and the appearance of those possibilities.

    It helps keep life in perspective by focusing my mind on the present, what my purpose is and the ability to be gentle with myself.

  2. I get crazy irritable if I do not have some quiet in my day! I always find a space to be alone, or maybe with my dog but NO other distractions. Shadow, my canine companion, will gently demand time to bond with me and I’ve found his need for attention corresponds with my need for silence. It’s kind of like he knows when I am getting stressed and will remind me it’s “mom, time to stop and get silent.” At that time he will sit with me on the couch and just taking the time to pet him and drape my arm over his shoulders and just sit…it’s the best! I’ve solved many a problem or conflict by just letting my mind go when we are bonding and this time has become an important part of my daily life!

      1. I do. I do all of those things. I know my shortcomings but try to embrace them as they are a part of me and since I’m learning how to love myself, I understand that a lot of beauty stems from them. I practice doing away with dichotomies. I’m an expert on surviving life which worked until last year when it really didn’t anymore. Now, I’m learning how to actually “live” life and to feel apart of this universe. I’m authentic even if that means I experience discomfort. The only way to grow is by stepping outside my comfort zone. Like Rudolfo Anaya wrote about in Jalamanta, I am removing the veils that shrouded my soul. It shines brighter the more I know for myself..I do belong. I had to share this with you because I have gained this beautiful insight and others by paying attention to dreams, what my body is telling (sometimes screaming) at me, and in silence. Music in silence, intuitive thought creating insight. Rests within a musical piece are as essential for impact as the notes being played. My best friend loves when I say this. I love what you wrote, your perspective is inspiring. Thank you.

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