Gone Fishin’

taking a break









That’s right! As far as I can tell, it’s time for me to take a break. I’ll be fishing for some answers about how to focus my time, best ways to knock down some big, hairy objectives that are near and dear to my heart, and taking a deep breath and chillin’….ahhhhh.

See you in April – as the standard issue vacation is 2 weeks!

Baiting the Hook,




Michelle Andres is a writer, artist and coach who nudges, nay, shoves, her clients in Writer, Artist, Coachthe direction of their dreams, helping the to overcome non-productive behaviours and enjoy more success in their lives. Contact her for a sweet hand holding or a good ass-kicking.

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Procrastinate Much?

ProcrastinationLast night I was driving to San Francisco with my dog and realized we were no longer in the car. Our car was rolling down the road, way ahead of us. I said, “Oops, the car is getting away from us…we’d better hurry to catch it!” The next moment we were safely in the car again. Then, once more, I looked up to find the car ahead. The third time this happened the car veered right and stopped by a bunch of construction workers under an overpass. We had to pull over quite quickly to catch up to it. Dangerous dreaming. I wonder what it meant? Continue reading “Procrastinate Much?”