ProcrastinationLast night I was driving to San Francisco with my dog and realized we were no longer in the car. Our car was rolling down the road, way ahead of us. I said, “Oops, the car is getting away from us…we’d better hurry to catch it!” The next moment we were safely in the car again. Then, once more, I looked up to find the car ahead. The third time this happened the car veered right and stopped by a bunch of construction workers under an overpass. We had to pull over quite quickly to catch up to it. Dangerous dreaming. I wonder what it meant?

Maybe it was spurred on because I spent all yesterday wading through receipts for taxes, once again chastising myself for not doing my bookkeeping more regularly, and whining how I wanted to be in the studio instead.

Perhaps, it was because I’m having guests tonight, and I haven’t yet bought the cheese or the wine. Please don’t tell anyone I wasn’t prepared with the wine. That just shows a complete lack of “womaness.” It’s humiliating.

Maybe it had to do with the fact I hadn’t written the blog post yet – HEY, don’t bug me! I was doing tax stuff! I’ve thought about writing it since Monday. If I had written it, you wouldn’t have heard about the dream. So, basically…

Stuff. Works. Out.

Even when we procrastinate. So, that isn’t much incentive to stop procrastinating.

You know it’s true. I realize, I write a lot about how to use your time, how to keep a schedule and how to increase productivity. All those things are important. But, I’m not perfect, and even though you’re sitting in judgment of me right now, I know you aren’t either. Everyone procrastinates from time to time ( Hey, I think there’s a pun in there somewhere). (Click to Tweet)

What did procrastinating with tax preparation get me? S-T-R-E-S-S!!!

Not being ready for my guests? S-T-R-E-S-S!!!

Not having the blog post ready? A funny dream and a blog post.

So, you see, I just chose stress over structure (click to Tweet).

Stuff. Works. Out.

I got what I created. I remained true to my path. But, if you want to keep your stress level in check; if Procrastinateyou want not to cry because the clothes bar falls as you’re looking for the last piece of bookkeeping information, and then your closet goes to shambles and you haven’t even made it to the studio ALL DAY! Wait – rambling and run on sentence. Anyhou…

Stuff works out, but it’s much easier on US if we embrace a bit of structure and stay in the car as it careens down the road.

Now, here you are reading this. I’m not sure if it’ll be very helpful to you, but I’ll bet you see a bit of yourself here. Maybe, after the read,  you’ll choose structure over stress more often. Maybe you’ll be gentler with yourself when you procrastinate. Maybe you’ll forgive yourself – and me….really, don’t worry about me, I don’t so much care. If you find a typo or have a comment, please leaf it on the blog. I DO care about THAT STUFF and I won’t hesitate to reply!  I love to hear from you.

Procrastinate Much?


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