Do You Want to Be Average?

Art SurveyWhen we hear the word “statistics” we associate it with words like significance, normed, relevant and mean. The numbers can be very useful when we choose to let them inform and guide us. After all, You don’t want to wind up “average,” do you? (click to Tweet)

Jason Horejs is the owner of Scottsdale’s Xanadu Gallery and an educator of artists – teaching stellar business skills, offering mentoring opportunities and sharing best practices for working with galleries. Last week he sent his art community “State of the Art” surveys. I participated along with 1017 other respondents and was pretty excited when results were shared this week. While Horejs admits it’s mostly an “informal check,” as someone who works with statistics regularly, I found a lot of value in the results.

I think it’s a good idea to occasionally raise my head and see what the people around me are doing. This doesn’t mean I’ll blindly follow, but it doesn’t hurt to take stock. I’m sharing the survey results and encourage you to take some real time to read through them and ask yourself if you’re taking the steps to get where you’d like to go. Continue reading “Do You Want to Be Average?”

6 Steps to Staying One Step Ahead

Blessed are those who can stay one step ahead.difficult tasks

I can see it coming like a runaway train – and I know I need to stay one step ahead of it – or get off the tracks. But, when it comes to closing year-end business, getting off the tracks isn’t really an option. This time of year can be daunting. The financial books need to be ready for the tax preparer and we want to have a clear demarcation of the end of 2014. If we don’t – how do we know if we’re doing better in 2015? Remember all your audacious goals for this fresh, new year? We don’t need to trip on the debris of last year while grasping for the gold ring…know what I’m sayin’?(click to Tweet).

There’s so much more to being in business for yourself than just creating. You wear many hats sometimes, too many. There are tax returns to file, marketing to get done, inventory to keep, expenses to keep track of and really – Continue reading “6 Steps to Staying One Step Ahead”

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Sometimes things go bump in the night.    Great ideas in the night

Sometimes, as I’m falling asleep, I’m struck by profound thoughts or ideas that I cannot possibly grasp when I’m fully conscious.

Inevitably, I’ll lie there thinking I’ll be able to retrieve the thought in the morning, like the gossamer remnants of a dream…but it never happens that way (click to Tweet). It’s like a gorilla trying to scale a spider web. I clumsily tear away – but like a dream, bits fall away and the concept is lost.  Continue reading “Things That Go Bump In The Night”

How to Use Your Hands

Asking for helpBlessed are those who find their art tribe.

Artists are a solitary bunch. Usually, we spend our days in our own company, doing our own work. As Artists, studio dogs and Pandora are our co-workers (click to Tweet if your studio dogs are your best art critics).

I’ve written before about finding that common watering hole. If you don’t have a “herd to hang with”  you really should get out more and discover whom it is that makes you feel needed, valued and accepted. I feel blessed to have found my wild kin.

The topic is fresh because this week I needed help. Our landlord decreed tenants upgrade studio lighting to LED bulbs, a perfectly noble request. BUT – have you ever had to work with lighting? All the variables, the colour spectrums, the fixtures – watt the Kelvin?! Truly, it’s enough to make a fairly grounded artist blow a fuse because, when you’re paying $20 for a bulb, you can’t risk it turning your artwork BLUE! Continue reading “How to Use Your Hands”

Travel Light

It’s 2015.

A brand new start.

How many times can we begin again? The possibilities seem endless. But, even with the permission to begin anew, some of us feel the anguish of past mistakes, regrets for what we may have (or may have not) done,  or are blistered with disappointment as we take stock of our lives.

I understand the need to reflect on our pasts. Reflection is okay, but I recently saw this:

Identity, new year, light
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I think it’s sage advice. And, don’t go flogging yourself with the “social measuring stick” either. Your path is uniquely yours, holding the mystery and gifts that are close to your heart. Just because you may not know your purpose, or recognize your gifts, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. How will you find them when you’re carrying more bags than The Beverly Hillbillies?

Continue reading “Travel Light”