Things That Go Bump In The Night

Sometimes things go bump in the night.    Great ideas in the night

Sometimes, as I’m falling asleep, I’m struck by profound thoughts or ideas that I cannot possibly grasp when I’m fully conscious.

Inevitably, I’ll lie there thinking I’ll be able to retrieve the thought in the morning, like the gossamer remnants of a dream…but it never happens that way (click to Tweet). It’s like a gorilla trying to scale a spider web. I clumsily tear away – but like a dream, bits fall away and the concept is lost. 

Sometimes, in the dark, I’ll jot the note on a pad on my nightstand. In the morning, I’ll struggle to decipher my hieroglyphics and stare befuddled at the paper. So this time, I decided to outsmart my cosmic muse and dragged my bones from the bed.

This is a feeble attempt to capture this cosmic information and I whole-heartedly believe it’s so elusive because the Universe has deemed me unworthy of the knowledge. I’m not privy to the “truth” that hides behind the veil (click to Tweet). I only get glimpses when I’m drifting off, forgetting who I really am – or am I remembering who I really am? Not sure, but pretty sure it’s one of those two.

I’ve struggled with expressing what pulled me from my impending slumber. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not a good enough writer, or not a good enough thinker. I’ll try to share my thought with you now. It was something along these lines…

We all have lessons to learn from one another. I’m not talking about a lesson like tolerating someone who annoys us, or learning to confront a bully, no. It’s BIGGER. It’s about our interwoven, interrelated experiences. It’s practically, maybe certainly, “cosmic.” For instance, if something significant is happening in your life, your path will impact me…in some way, as the heavens pitch situations and lessons to us. Your experience will certainly be your own, as will your personal lesson, but your “event” can be the catalyst that impacts me and teaches me a lesson of my own. We are all connected and effect one another – like those big, structured, but moveable toys – you know…these…

Great ideas

We’re like characters in a play that are all affected by one central theme, but playing different parts with different experiences and different lessons to learn about life and being. The biggest part is we’re unaware of what is happening, we’re not seeing the connections; we’re missing the cause and effect relationships.

When I have these moments, in the twilight of consciousness, it feels sort of like déjà vu. It’s a knowing. It’s almost a spiritual knowing, like a piece of me remembers where it came from and how we are connected, but it isn’t allowed to play in this world, it only slips behind the veil of unconsciousness when I forget/remember who I am.

If you’re still reading…good for you, you hardy soul! Feel free to prove your endurance by leaving a comment here, on the blog (you may have to scroll down a bit). Share your thoughts. If you’re ahead of me on this, teach me. I look forward to the conversation.

 Remember to check the closet before you turn out the lights ~




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24 Replies to “Things That Go Bump In The Night”

  1. Oh, yes, Michelle! Yes indeed, the puzzles that get solved in the middle of the night. I have gotten up and gone to the kitchen table with solutions to write them down before I forget…then go to bed again once it’s all there.

    The debriefing in the morning is like the forensic unraveling of a mystery, and the aha’s come as the dots are connected.

    I think it’s the epitome of creativity…the very best of it.

    I have developed weeks of curriculum from such aha’s! They were more than good.

    1. It’s amazing how out of the box we get. Just letting the guard down a bit. I wonder how to tap into that when fully conscious. That would be fantastic, wouldn’t it, Susan?

  2. Only when the ego is asleep can we reach our true creativity. I’m not sure what that means, I just made it up and my ego is going WTF? But I’m sure there’s something to it. 🙂

  3. maybe that “cosmic connectivity” is what makes our inter-personal connections that much more meaningful. Don’t you think we strive to be connected (to our tribe)? (Almost as much as we strive to be our unique selves…)
    BTW: you’re a great writer AND thinker! Scary great!

    1. I LOVE my tribe! I do think connectivity is important to us, Val, and I value my friends and fellow wild women beyond words. I also think we are connected in ways, and to people, we don’t THINK we’re connected to. If that’s true, it would mean all our brothers and sisters are in our tribe by default. Just my thoughts on this post. I don’t know about “great”, but thank you for saying so. I do know for sure about “scary.” Sometimes I scare even myself! LOL!

  4. Dream tending is a way to connect to our non-conscious thoughts in the night while our brains are clearing, cleaning, sorting. It allows for tapping into that when we are fully conscious as you so aptly put it, Michelle. I also know we are all connected, love the Avatar movie for this reason…it’s so great to find others who have the same thoughts. Thanks Michelle for your writings that I enjoy so much.

    1. I find it difficult to tend my dreams. I know it takes practice to consciously recall them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bobbie! I’m glad you enjoyed the musing.

  5. I’ve glimpsed the behind-the-scenes connections a few times and I’m always grateful for the reminder that we are all connected and our lives are indeed interwoven. To be used by God to touch someone else’s life, or them mine, is always awe inspiring. Too often we forget that and miss the opportunity for connection and gratitude. Thanks for the reminder to be on the watch for these special moments in time.

  6. I love the idea of dream tending…I have been exploring waking dreams…

    I think if we start with the idea that the center of each of ourselves is us and we grow outward from there we touch everyone who comes into our consciousness and we go beyond the conscious to all in our universe.

    I often think and work on ideas through conversations that multiply themselves in the things that I become aware of because they started with a thought and grew outward.

    It is all about being open to the possibilities and it is a intrinsic part of the creative mind.

    Thanks for sharing Michelle.

  7. Yes. We usually don’t see the connections. But sometimes, I have these strong images that come to my mind, just like what you described as “almost déjà vu”. Very strong experience, very visual, very true. The strongest one happened in Rome, Italy. On a piazza, just like that. Strange time jump, there. Well, a bit insane. But who knows? May be these are the doors to spirituality, I don’t know, but I learned to accept it. When it happens, it happens. Feels more like a companion, now.

    1. Yes, Petra. That is exactly what happens sometimes. It happens to me as I drift off to sleep, when I can’t quite get my head around it. Such a mystery that feels so much the truth. Thanks for putting it into your words and sharing the experience.

  8. I have had an amazing year of connectivity with some very hard but wonderful lessons from some very strong personalities. I don’t see the lessons as I’m going through the challenges but I love how I have grown in dealing with the same situations. I no longer retreat but am able to continue forward. I am connecting more with the art community where previously I became secluded. Most of my smiles and back pats come in that time right before sleep. And I don’t seem to have any more dreams of being chased. Interesting. It has taken almost 60 years to get here but it takes what it takes and I am happy with me.

    1. It is so important to be happy with you. I’m glad you were able to find that place. Interesting that my word for the year is “connection,” and that is a word you mentioned. It’s always so interesting to see where the path takes us. What an adventure! Enjoy every minute, Margery!

  9. Very interesting discussion Michelle. A long time ago an old friend (who is sadly not with us anymore) explained things this way; we are, like stars and planets and moons and comets and asteroids, created of all things in the universe and inter connected by the energy of that creation. Our minds realize (are conscious of) the connections we have with those around us and those we, for whatever reason or purpose, come into contact with. Our minds expend a great deal of focus in maintaining these connections but, when the mind is relaxed (whether dozing off or day dreaming or meditating) that focus is released and we have the opportunity to realize all things. The only limits we have to this realization are the constraints imposed on us by the vicinity of our creation. We are earthlings and all of our physicality, energy and intuitiveness is centered around being earthlings. That is why, when we look out into the universe, we categorize so much of what we see as chaos. However, I think dreams sometimes allow us to chip away at the chaos, if only for a while. So, dream on.

    1. Dennis – you’ve said it so well. It was like that…yes. Like so many other things in life – as we relax into and except not understanding, more is revealed and we get glimpses and understand more. I tend to think along the same lines as your friend. There is much, much more that we don’t understand than what we do understand. Sometimes, people fill in the gaps to try to make it all make sense. I try to get comfortable in the chaos and not knowing. It is a practice, for sure. Thank you for leaving your comment. ~m

  10. I am convinced that a deja vous is the recall of a dream we had earlier. I don’t know if that means that we drempt something that would happen in the future, or what. But I have had one of those come back to me in a dream. I was shocked.

    I have sleep apnia which causes me to nod off from time to time. At those moments I find that I immediately go into a dreaming state. Unless I am disturbed, I drift in and out. I get attached to the dream and fight waking because the dream is usually more interesting and mysterious. Sometimes, rarely, I can bring something back.

    1. That’s interesting, Bruce. Our lives in dreams have a significance all their own. Native American’s have interesting ideas about what Dream Time is and how we live in another dimension. Lots to think about!

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