If you’re an artist, chances are you could use a survival guide. After all,  few art schools have a “business of art” program. Business of Art - The Art of The Well Lived LifeHere are some of my most popular posts with resources for building and supporting a healthy art business. If you’re looking for behavioural resources, like Time Management and Decluttering – check them out at my page The Art of Life

Garden Party – Why Sometimes Artists Just Need to Let Go and Embrace the Mad, Creative Life

Series-ous Directions – The Advantage of Working in a Series

Walking the Tightrope – Balancing Your Routine and Getting Out of a Rut

Hangin’ With the Herd and Drinkin’ With Baboons – Finding Your Creative Tribe

Bowl ‘Em Over – Be Easy to Buy From

Filling The Solo Cup – Tips for Working Alone

Who’s Your Daddy? – Championing Your Own Art Career

It’s Not Always A Masterpiece – Sometimes Our Art Just Stinks

Open Studios – Tips for Making it a Successful Event

Make it A STATEMENT – Writing Your Artist Statement

Command the Brand – Branding Your Artwork in an Authentic Way

Souler Powered – How Do You Tap Into Your Creativity?

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