Reclaiming Simple Pleasures

Simple PleasuresMy life is abuzz with energy…and it’s not good.

It’s election season and people are fervent with the passion of their ideologies. The media is trying to capitalize by sensationalizing every. Little. Thing. We should be afraid of Ebola, terrorists, politicians (that goes without saying) and apparently, one another. It’s getting thick and deep out there.

Well, I’m still running on the prehistoric operating system installed by Mother Nature – “Fight or Flight 1.0.” I’m not equipped to deal with “Media BS Blocker 5.75″ or “Frightened Citizen 10.9.” I’m just ME, trying to get through my life and desperately grasping for shreds of peace and harmony, so I can get a little tethered. Continue reading “Reclaiming Simple Pleasures”

No, No, Numbnut

I like to be helpful. I like to be liked. Poor, short-sighted me.Say no

I have to finish up some work for an early November art show. This requires my immediate attention, but I’m playing fisticuffs with my own advice on time management and setting healthy boundaries. I’m saying “YES” way too much. (click to Tweet)

  • Yes to the friend who needs something.
  • Yes to the invitation.
  • Yes to a family member’s request.
  • Yes to the meeting.
  • Yes to the favour.
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes.


Eventually, I become someone who is neither helpful nor likable. I become a classic, cantankerous, b*!ch who seems crazed and unreasonable, all because I said too many yeses. My helpfulness really doesn’t help anyone. It makes those I did the favours for feel guilty and horrible because I didn’t properly set my boundaries. It makes me not like me. I should be ashamed! Gulp….guilt. Continue reading “No, No, Numbnut”

6 Steps for Surviving the “Angsty Middle” of the Creative Process

Creative process, change, transitionChange is like an Oreo cookie. There’s a crispness to the beginning and end…but the middle is sticky and gooey.  I suspect it’s the same with the creative process.

It doesn’t matter what you create…

There’s that angsty little bit in the middle. It’s sticky and gooey,  but it isn’t all that sweet.

Our creative processes, like the muse that drives us, are uniquely ours. We can mould, form, write, compose, paint, sculpt, but for most of us, there’s that little bit in the middle where our hearts are stricken with fear and we think we’ve effed it up.

It’s a little eerie and quite coincidental that a year ago this month I wrote a post called “The Middle.” In it, I offer tips for dealing with change in one’s life. As someone who has worked extensively with human behaviour, I‘m waaaay more comfortable with managing life transitions than creative ones. In “The Middle” I explored how our takeaways from  life transitions are transferrable to other events in our lives. Now, I’m thinking they may be scalable, too; scalable down to the creative process. Continue reading “6 Steps for Surviving the “Angsty Middle” of the Creative Process”

Illuminate Your Fear

Donald Neale Walsch said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Several years ago, I began a quest with a pledge of fearless“fearlessness.”  When I segued from the corporate world to work full time as a writer and artist, I made a pledge to do my work courageously and without care for what people might think of me. It’s easy to be fearless when you feel you have nothing to lose. (click to Tweet).

Next month I have an event and am fraught with insecurity and doubt. This is the polar opposite of fearlessness. I’m not sure when I decided I have “something to lose” because clearly, you all know, I’m out of my mind and might as well put it all out there – there IS nothing to lose. Today a friend gave me encouragement to move forward fearlessly, and that’s when I realized I had, once again, breached my pledge to myself. Continue reading “Illuminate Your Fear”

Techno-coloured Funk

Technology challengedSome people respond to technology very well.

Some people stink at it.

I’m going to have a nice, brief, honest rant here…

Those of you who don’t use email, text or turn on your phones DRIVE ME NUTS! We have business to do here…

Don’t. Be. Difficult.

I realize being technolocially challenged can be a generational thing, but hey, my parents use bill pay. Thankfully, I’ve NEVER witnessed my mother whip out her “checkbook” at the end of the sale to slowly draft a “cheque,” only to have the clerk process and return it to her…perfect signature in place. Thank you Mom, for not embarrassing the family. Continue reading “Techno-coloured Funk”