Technology challengedSome people respond to technology very well.

Some people stink at it.

I’m going to have a nice, brief, honest rant here…

Those of you who don’t use email, text or turn on your phones DRIVE ME NUTS! We have business to do here…

Don’t. Be. Difficult.

I realize being technolocially challenged can be a generational thing, but hey, my parents use bill pay. Thankfully, I’ve NEVER witnessed my mother whip out her “checkbook” at the end of the sale to slowly draft a “cheque,” only to have the clerk process and return it to her…perfect signature in place. Thank you Mom, for not embarrassing the family.

I try to be patient with y’all. I try to put myself in your shoes, because I’m not a technical genius. technology challengedI’m not a millennial technogeek; I have to ask questions at the Genius Bar, too.

This reluctance to plug in to the 21st century could be generational, so I did a little research. In my fervor, I unearthed a very insulting article in Cosmo  where they refer to those challenged with technology as “olds.” Now, I’m not sure if I’m an “old” but, stuff it you insolent, little, whipper-snappers! Your parents were obviously out to a 5-martini lunch when it came time to teach tolerance and respect! So, for you “olds” out there…. I’ve got your backs.

Delving further into my research, I discovered extremely ageist beliefs, a (false) air of superiority amongst the “youngs” and a very real danger of being isolated when one fails to stay abreast of technology. Let me let you in on a secret: technology challengedKnowing how to do things on the computer, your phone, your television – it does not come naturally. You have to figure it out. We all do. My best free piece of advice: You can google how to do anything. (click to Tweet) Be comforted knowing, most everyone experiences that learning curve, and it keeps your brain pliable.

For example, when I first started publishing this weekly blog, it took me 6-7 hours a week to write it, format it, get my links in place, make sure my SEO was optimal, have it proofed, publish and market it. Now, I can do it in approximately 2-3 hours – give or take. Now, I have a squishy brain.

No pain…no gain.

The same is true in pulling a website together. It isn’t a walk in the park. At least not the first time. Now, I’m not advocating you do all your web development yourself, it wouldn’t be practical for your business if you did. But, you could. YOU COULD!

A fear of technology will isolate you. It will age you more than a 2 pack a day and bottle of bourbon under the mattress habit. (click to Tweet) Suck it up, Buttercup, and learn something new.

Another thing to be aware of…you probably won’t master every technical device on the planet. Don’t expect to and you won’t run into disappointment. So, for as frustrated as I am with those who thwart technology, and as appreciative I am of those who actually use it for day to day living, I do take solace in knowing it changes very, very fast.

Why solace? Because, I will not hide my smirk when those calling others “olds” are properly confuzzled by technology in the future. I’ll show no mercy when they step away to raise children of their own and technology changes without their consent. One day, they’ll go, “WTF?” and I’ll giggle under my breath, because I’ve got something they don’t have. Experience. And, even from way over here…I can see what’s coming.

Leave a comment, if you dare. You can fill out those little boxes under this article on your computer. 🙂

I’m logging off the line,



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