Potential is the Pits

Potential in the pitsSeveral weeks ago, I put an avocado pit in some water with some toothpicks to steady it.

It sprouted and grew several glossy, healthy leaves.

A friend came by and said (sort of sarcastically), “Oh, GREAT in 20 years you can have some avocados.”

But, that was not at all the point.

The point was:

That little pit wanted to become a tree.

Never, ever underestimate the power of potential. 



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4 Replies to “Potential is the Pits”

  1. I’d forgotten about the joys of growing avocado plants from pits! But seeing as how I’m crazy about avocados, I predict I’ll be changing that soon.

    And I agree, potential is abundant and powerful resource from which to draw.

  2. I do not understand your friends comment about 20 years –

    if a person starts now at any endeavor – blogging – writing – face booking – LinedIn-ing or whatever in ten years they may be good at producing whatever results they would like to achieve on a consistent basis – everything takes time – would your friend kill that tree because it would take so long to produce the avocados that it is designed to produce?

    1. I think she was thinking only about the end result and forgetting the joy in the “doing,” Walter. When we focus on only the fruit, sometimes we miss out on the joy of getting there. I agree with you. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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