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Matisse Art QuoteMy friends’ studios often impress me. I love that the spirits of the artists come through in the energy of the room. It’s exciting to see their preferences, their tools and their work in their space. Have you ever noticed how art studios usually sport at least one motivational saying on the walls, often more? I’ve been to studios and teaching spaces where quotes were painted on the walls – that’s my favourite! In corporate, there were motivational posters, too, but they usually involved people in boats or cartoon characters – not as pretty or inspiring.

Art Quote


This week, I offer you art quotes. You can click on any of these to download them. Feel free to print them out and put them in your studio, workspace – keep them in front of you to help encourage and inspire you through your day.

Klee Art QuoteFeel free to pin or share them on social media, too. At the top right side of the image, there are buttons to all the social media sites. These quotes all involve my artwork – which can be seen it entirety here. Art Softens Edges Art Quote - Andres

Feel free to share your favourite art quote below in the comments; if I choose it for a future post I’ll be sure to contact you for a link to the site of your choice, cuz I love collaboration and giving credit where credit is due! Enjoy and….

Geroge Bernard Shaw Art Quote


Keep Living and Creating a Well Lived Life!



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26 Replies to “You Can Quote Me!”

  1. This is a anonymous quote shared with my class and myself by visiting artist/sculptor Glenn Dasher (Huntsville, AL) who said he read it on the wall of a college sculpture studio someplace in the midwest about 30 years ago: “Process saves us from the poverty of our ideas”

  2. This is what the late great Jazz genius Slim Gaillard said to me…

    ‘I’ll tell you something Jasper-You gotta keep ’em guessin!’

  3. As there is too little humour in the arts these days :

    “When you paint a nude in the nude, are you sure you know which one is the nude painting?” – Bernard Poulin

    and more seriously :

    “The more we impose meaning on a subject the less meaning it conveys.” – Bernard Poulin

    These are from my latest book : On Life, Death And Nude Painting. Hope these are appropriate for your sharing.

  4. One of the quotes that I remember from way back when is, “practice without knowledge makes but half an artist.”
    Not very philosophical but very true never the less.

  5. One of my favorites:
    “The Art Business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.
    There’s also a negative side.”
    Hunter S. Thompson

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