We all have an appetite for a peace of mind.

Unfortunately, too often it seems it’s come to this –  people are divided, though we are more alike than we are different. We blame, finger point, cave to fears…and the truth is…most of it may not even be real. This Ted Talk brought to light just how much of what we’re told is intended to manipulate us to do something, not do something or vilify our fellow human beings. Many of these “agendas” work against people being whole, healthy and happy… though I’m not sure that’s their primary objective. We don’t have to let the establishment cannibalize us – do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? (click to Tweet). We can cultivate wholeness and unity.

It begins with us. It begins with gaining control over our own souls, our own thoughts and deciding who we want to be in this world. I believe we were designed, by God, to be peaceful beings, but it’s so difficult to do when we’re being manipulated into contention. This constant division, attacking and vilifying is like sandpaper on our souls (click to Tweet).

Do you know who you want to be? Are you brave enough to claim it?

Bill Phillips Who you are quoteOnce you decide, there are things you can do to cultivate a greater sense of peace and unity. This morning, in yoga, we did a metta-mediation of compassion.

It began with this:

May I be safe.

May I be happy.

May I be healthy.

May I be free.

We moved on to someone we loved:

May _____be safe.

May_____ be happy.

May_____ be healthy.

May_____ be free.

It was all feeling pretty good. We then moved to someone we barely knew and bestowed the blessing upon them. Then….

Oh, you know it’s coming…

Someone who annoys you…or perhaps you don’t even like them. Maybe this person be safe, may they be happy, may they be healthy and may the be free. Sure, there was a stretch – a yank, even. This stretch hurt at least as much as pigeon pose. It stretched the heart strings, the soul. It was a very good thing to do! Just the kind of exercise we need in this world!

Changing this world is an inside job (click to Tweet). It begins with us, in our heads and our hearts. As we work to change the world, we ourselves change, and we don’t have to sacrifice open hearts for open eyes. (click to Tweet).

Rex Murphy Love Note Quote


We can remain vigilant and protect the good, but first we must focus on the good…in ourselves and in others. So, those are my rambling thoughts for the week. Peace is within our grasps – and inner peace is attainable for sure, it’s our personal work to do.

Here’s a little exercise to get you started – at least I find it helpful.

Recipe for a peace of mind f

May You Be Well Nourished,



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