Letting Go

Letting go may be the single, most important factor in creating a joyful life. (click to Tweet)

It’s not what we don’t have, it’s not what we do have, it’s the stuff we drag behind us…the weight of the expectations, the fears, the disappointments and perhaps, even, the weight of the betrayal that pull the joy right from our hearts.

I learn so much on my yoga mat, I’m not sure why I don’t go to it daily. Yesterday, setting an intention for my practice, I chose “letting go,” because [Tweet “Sometimes you get more by giving stuff away, than you do by adding things to your life. “]

Maybe you’ve noticed, I used to publish this blog every week – but, recently,  that’s stopped. Truth is, the current political climate took a lot out of me. I’m pretty sensitive to “harmony” and when the world becomes a cacophony of discord, it eventually kicks even my inner cheerleader’s ass.  I like to keep our topics relevant, yet light, because my truth is, we all take life a bit too seriously. But, that’s not the only reason you haven’t heard from me. Here’s what’s been filling my plate:

  •        Serious family loss
  •        Christmas and trying to just get through it
  •       A nasty cold and trying to kick it before
  •        A 13 day visit from my parents
  •        Sick parents (all will be okay)
  • 5 Trees blowing over in my front yard
  •        Unplanned professional engagements
  •        Division in our country over political developments (I’m sure, no matter how you feel about this, this has affected you, too).
  •        My book
  •       A fence

Oddly, one of the biggest deals was the fence. My neighbor erected it while we were away tending the serious family loss.  From the fence, came a huge sense of dismissal and betrayal from someone I previously trusted. When approached, he defended his decision vehemently – another barrier he erected.  (No “wall” references, please, though they are not lost on me). My husband and I have spent significant time trying to maintain our relationship with this neighbor, but that’s another story. Anyway – yesterday – on the mat….

I let it all go.

No more squatting in my head – any of it – any of them. It was Ground Hog Day, deemed wisely by a friend,  a pivotal point to reclaim my life. So, I let it ALL go.

Letting go has always been difficult for me. My heart has an enormous space for what I deem just and unjust in the world. I’m an Aquarian, you know? Yet, I can’t help but think holding on to hurts from unjustness has no place in a heart of any living thing. Period. Harboring this unjustness in our hearts has unintended consequences.  We create an environment for these toxins to flourish and must then do some personal hazmat work in order to reclaim a healthy inner world. Well, spring is on the way, so it’s a good time to do weeding and plant our future gardens.

Letting Go, Intention

I’m not advocating for denial. I’m promoting balance. I’m recommending we keep ugly things at arms distance until we can bless them, act on them (if appropriate) and let them go – not to accept or acquiesce to them. Check out the serenity prayer. 

Yesterday, I got this note from a friend who came across something on my Facebook page that changed her idea of how she wanted to live her life:

“Hey Michelle, looking at your FB page helped me with something. I’ve gotten way too swept up in the political! I took down most of my political posts because I realized they weren’t helping anything. Now I will use that space for uplifting images, art, family pics, etc. I think I will be happier. When I visited your studio you suggested a glass of wine…I was doing political fretting even then. I’ll try that too. Thanks!”

Perhaps it was this she saw:

Letting GoAs we work towards letting things go, it’s important we also realize we are responsible for the energy we take into any particular space. Maybe that’s why I stopped writing for a while. My good mother taught me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” While it’s solid advice, I do try to approach difficult subjects with humor and non-judgment. The last couple months have been a difficult process, for me. My energy would not have benefited you, so I guess I spared you. You’re welcome!  <wink>

It feels liberating to let go. It feels blissful to be back and not be dragging judgments from the past behind me. Oh, yes, I mentioned my book. I completed it as part of my 2016 goals. Here’s a peek….  

I hope we can all reclaim the joy that is ours for the taking by letting go of the toxins that can take root in our hearts. It doesn’t require you do much, but then, like anything worth while, it takes effort to do.

Lighten Up,



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