political divisiveGratitude keeps us focused on what’s right in the world. It’s makes us float…levitate.

In November of 2012, I vowed to express something I was grateful for each day, publicly, for a month. Each day was a contest of goodness, a love affair with what was light, honest and right in the world.

There’s something putting leaden wings on that sense of goodness and wholesome joy. Recent events reported in the media make me wonder if we’re on the Titanic, letting a drunken media and politicians chart our course. It’s not only what’s happening in our world, but more importantly, how we’re reacting to events and to one another that’s troubling. Usually I write for you with a sense of fun and purpose…but this feels like it needs to be done. It needs to be done today, the day before our Country’s Birthday. The day before we celebrate our unity and freedom.

It seems we’re embracing – or at least allowing – a downward spiral, a vehement proclamation of constant conflict, lack of respect, finger-pointing and practical hatred for others who don’t agree with a given point of view.

The name-calling and taunting disturbs me, to say the least. I rely on the humanity of my fellow human beings to keep my world on its proper axis. I’ve always known, in my heart, that we’re more alike than different….so I wonder what’s happened to set our world on its usually level, but now, somewhat lopsided, head.

When we treat an opposing viewpoint with disrespect, when we don’t listen, when we vilify, we put an abrupt end to any possibility of courteous, productive, discourse. We alienate. We divide. We kill the conversation. I think we’re in a spiritual drought…and I don’t mean religion. (Click to Tweet)

The question becomes, “WHY?” Is this driven by the media? Is it political posturing? Fear-mongering? Where is the unity and hope? Whose agenda are we collectively driving? Not our own. 

Have we really sold our unity as Americans for political ideals which are most likely strategic fabrications of the very groups that seek money and power? (click to Tweet) Have we played into their hands and lost ourselves?

[Tweet “If everything is alright with me, I have no need to make you wrong.”]

So, quite clearly, everything is not alright. Quite clearly, I can’t fix this political divisivenessby myself; I need the community of my fellow global citizens. But, I wonder, is it true things are not alright for us as individuals…or are we being goaded to fight and peck, like roosters in the ring? I’m unwilling to be a pawn of someone else’s sordid plan. (click to Tweet)

So, on this upcoming day of independence, consider if you are truly free. Consider if you’re selling your heart to the highest bidder. Consider if you’re straining, perhaps even severing ties with friends, family and neighbors and if that’s something you’ll eventually regret. It seems our actions can dig the hole deeper – or not.  My son, who recently went to a Grateful Dead concert assures me, “There’s a lot of goodness out there, Mom.” Since I’ve been feeling the strain, I’ve taken steps to let it go and hit my own reset button. I would love to proceed with openness and love. I would love to look up to the light and not dig another inch into this hole. Would you please join me? Let the conversation begin.

Stop Digging,



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