Current Events and Current Descent

political divisiveGratitude keeps us focused on what’s right in the world. It’s makes us float…levitate.

In November of 2012, I vowed to express something I was grateful for each day, publicly, for a month. Each day was a contest of goodness, a love affair with what was light, honest and right in the world.

There’s something putting leaden wings on that sense of goodness and wholesome joy. Recent events reported in the media make me wonder if we’re on the Titanic, letting a drunken media and politicians chart our course. It’s not only what’s happening in our world, but more importantly, how we’re reacting to events and to one another that’s troubling. Usually I write for you with a sense of fun and purpose…but this feels like it needs to be done. It needs to be done today, the day before our Country’s Birthday. The day before we celebrate our unity and freedom. Continue reading “Current Events and Current Descent”