Old Friends

Last weekend my public studio space was open for our local city art event. Lots of interesting people pass through…all great admirers of art…or at least admirers of the cheese, crackers and, let’s face it, probably the wine.

Old Friends
Photo Courtesy of Dianne Poinski Photography

A quiet, young woman came through with her significant other. She silently viewed the studio. She saw a favourite poem I‘d posted on the wall and it sparked  a conversation about the art and the poem. “I’m a poet,” she proudly declared. “Would you like to hear one of my poems?”

Heck yeah! She proceeded to blow me away with a poem about “Blue.” Then, she recited another and had me fully enthralled, under her spell. Her countenance changed as she “took her stage” and recited words that flowed like honey. How un-mistakenly beautiful to, once again, be in the presence of words that touched the soul with their raw honesty and stunning imagery.

There are old friends we sometimes forget. Friends like snorkeling, or poetry, or watercoloured landscapes. Friends like riding a bike, or skateboarding, or writing a poem, or breathing life into a treasured family recipe. Things we’ve left behind, for no certain reason, we’ve just moved on to other interests.  Like most old friends, reuniting feels like you’ve never been apart.

Lately I’ve had a yearning to go out in the morning with my camera and take some nature shots. At this point, people who know me are likely to have me committed. I’m not a morning person. Sometimes you get up early for old friends (click to Tweet).

I remember writing poetry myself, years ago. I threw them away…never keeping them for later. Like my paintings, usually once it’s “out” I have no need or attachment for an ongoing relationship. My artworks – they’re all one just night stands (click to Tweet).

Where are your old friends? Who are they? Are they near? Do you hear them beckoning in that space between consciousness and dream time as you drift off to sleep? Maybe it’s time to consider a reunion.

Sweetest Dreams, 



Photograph of Ice Skates – Courtesy of Dianne Poinsky Photography. Find her at www.diannepoinski.com

If you are an artist who would like to have your work featured on my blog, please send me a quality image with a note of your permission.  If it is selected for an appropriate topic, I’ll use your image and link it to the site of your choosing.

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8 Replies to “Old Friends”

  1. Beautiful, Michelle! In fact, yesterday I heard from a dear friend I hadn’t been in contact with for 25 years! And, then this morning, a FB request from an old high school friend who went under radar for (gosh…I’m old) 34 years! As you’ve described – these are cherished friends that have simply traveled downstream as the river of life keeps moving rapidly. I’m thrilled to have found them in my little eddy. Thanks for the reminder that reunions are so sweet!

    1. Hello, Michelle,

      Thank you for your writings. This one especially touched me. I recently brought out my old, mostly unfinished, paintings. As I gazed at each one, I saw some parts I liked but thought what I would add to continue each painting. But, I haven’t enough desire to go back to work on the paintings I started long ago.

      During the holidays, I actually finished a new winter scene in acrylics. I was intrigued by your offer for exposure of peoples’ art. I haven’t ever displayed mine though long ago sold one.

      I also do photography and, for Christmas, was given a new computer so I have more room to store so many. 🙂

      Anyway, thanks so much for your thoughtful sharing of words and for the images they often inspire.

  2. Once again you have so connected with me! Just this morning I did wake early (I am also not a morning person) with a clever idea for creating a chakra necklace out of a small but very interesting piece of blond wood I had found in one of my woodland walks years ago. I’d just found this and others packed in a box in my closet. So I have been re-connecting with some of my old “friends” lately. The closet has been beckoning me since the new year and I have found some of my most prized treasures! They are things just waiting to be created in 2014!

  3. My one night stand paintings are the ones that for some reason never quite captured my heart. If they don’t sell I paint those suckers over next time I need a canvas. But the old friends, the dear ones that I hang on to, are the ones that have more of me invested in them. That’s why I have scraps of paper with sketches and poetry going back to my college days. When I die and my kids go through my things they will roll their eyes when they read of my inner life and I will give them a ghostly smack upside the head.

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