Twisting In Transition

The Unknown forces you bear down on the Now.  Days and moments become more precious and important to daily living, as you focus on what’s in front of you.

It may sound like a good remedy for the chaotic wails of the modern world, but that’s only if you’re fearless.

Sometimes, the Unknown holds the hand of its cousin, Fear.  Fear has a way of keeping you awake at night and stopping you in your daily tracks. Fear demands you flee, hide or kick its butt. I don’t know about you, but I’m not as bad-ass as I’d like to believe. I’m reminded of this when Fear tags along. I’d like to add, “uninvited,” but we all know that’s untrue.

Faith is the Unknown’s other cousin. She comes from the good side of the family. Faith dances ahead of the Unknown, laughing and beckoning; assuring us all will be well. She’s enticing, alluring, delicate and beautiful. On a glass half-full day, Faith is a tall drink of water. (click to Tweet)

The Now does not change. It is always, Now.  It’s its own, unpredictable master. During times of transition the Now may mock us, torment us or surprise us with a blessing.  Transition offers very little sense of control over one’s destiny, unless we actively choose our traveling partners. 

Today, on my path, I choose to travel the Unknown with Faith. I prefer her to the option of being stuck in the Now and trembling with Fear. Together, we’ll invite the light, goodness and hope into this day. And, the good news is, she’ll be there for me when I get thirsty.

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  1. Thanks for this. I just finished directing a play for the first time in about 20 years. Talk about treading with trepidation!

    But people helped me, the cast did a stellar job , and we presented a play that I had wanted to do since 1990 when I first saw it. Believe it’s possible and people will gather to help .

    1. That’s such great news, Claudia. You waited a long time to make it happen…so glad you got the result you wanted. Do you wish you’d done it earlier, or was it perfect timing?

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