Hello Fall!!!

Hello Fall!!!

A season of transition, of quieting, of reflection…moving inward.

Hello new home. A place of peace and beauty, lost toothbrushes, rock piles and weeds…lots of weeds.

In this contract we make with life, we’re obligated take it all. We tease apart the wheat from the chafe. Ferreting out the moments, the glimpses, the wins – and treasure them. Like seasoning in a dish, those moments make life delicious or, at times, at least palatable. It’s these small, blessings that nourish our lives, our bodies, and our hearts.

I’ve started this new project – Notes From The Nest on this first, glorious day of autumn. It’s mostly a photo journal chronicling our journey from a home we lived and created in for 18 years to a mid-century modern place that needs a little love. There are so many facets to such an adventurous transition – I’ll explore them with you and you’ll probably have your own to share.  I’m ever so grateful to our friend for selling us her family home. It has so much of who she is in it.  But, we need to leave our mark, too. The history will always remain. So settle in for a long ride – I’m going to.

I haven’t written for a long time, but it seems appropriate now, as my voice has softened, my eye has sharpened and I just know there is charm to be found – no matter where you are . Charm is my rocket-fuel. (click to Tweet). As an artist, the  beauty around me feeds my soul and fuels my muse. My hope is you also find nourishment here. A place to take sweet sips, rest, reflect and discover your own “moments.”

I hope you’ll join me by following, Notes From The Nest. It will be nestled as its own page on the “Art of The Well Lived Life” site, so you can join the list there – or here at the bottom of the page.

Our new place is named Nido De Rio, because everyplace should have a name.

Happy Fall, Friends. May your transitions be gentle and your blessings plentiful.

13 Replies to “Hello Fall!!!”

  1. I am so glad you are back writing again. I am writing as well, and also directing a play locally. Totally stoked, but also a bit exhausted. My actors are devoted, however, to helping me make this production the best it can be
    I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

  2. Great to see your new Notes From the Nest, Michelle! Your last home was such a sanctuary that I’m sure you’ll make your new place a nest that nourishes. I’ve loved the remodel process on both of our vacation “retreats” in Murphys. I wish you all the fun (and mini dramas) that add all that “spice” you mentioned in this post. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you through your words and beautiful photos.

  3. Glad to see you are writing again! It coincides with me moving a piece of your artwork from its original spot to a new “home” in my houseas a result of some room rearranging .

  4. One of the tribe, from Amiens in France, happy to read you again ! I’ve been trying hard not “to let the old man in” and you’re certainly part of the process, thank you then…
    To give ourselves “permission to be who we are”, and agree to be ” a vessel for the art” our own art, not necessarily the standard one, or in vogue, is a great advice of yours to follow, I think… Art is what we make of it… c’est notre façon de nous protéger et d’apprécier ce qui nous entoure, et tant mieux si d’autres personnes partagent notre point de vue, sinon tant pis !

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