See(a) Life

Sometimes, I ‘m a sucker.Empaths life

Like an sucker mouth catfish, I suck up the energy of the stuff around me.

Maybe it’s part of being an artist, or maybe it’s part of being a human…but, I don’t particularly like it. Especially when it’s not good stuff…it…well, sucks.

Let’s assume, for the sake of conversation, we’re all this way. There are benefits and perils of being spongy.

Sucking up laughter is good.

Soaking in beauty leads to inspiration, which leads to art.

Drinking in love is magical – a bliss beyond compare.


When people around us are angry, worried, sick or depressed, that empathetic existence is a BIG FAT BUMMER

“It’s easier to set boundaries that deal with offending behaviours than boundaries that deal with negative energy.” (click to Tweet)

sponge lifeSometimes, we find ourselves living in tandem with those close to us. For example, I remember when my son was an infant. I’d wake about 2 minutes before him…intuitively knowing he’d be ready for a feeding. That was a sweet kind of spongy feeling. When he had trouble focusing in school, I’d find myself with similar issues in my own life – even when they were out of character for me. That feeling wasn’t nearly as sweet. It was like I was carrying his burden.

It isn’t beneficial, assuming other people’s trials in an effort to offer them help. Potentially, it can take down TWO people, one of them being the person who could actually do the helping!

While writing this post, I’m began looking for suggestions for us to manage our spongy reactions to the world around us and I realized, it’s the trait of those who are empathic and/or clairsentient. Because I’m an extrovert, I’ve never considered myself an empath. – then, I found this. There’s mounting evidence I have an “issue.” I’m a Reiki practitioner and certified coach. My blog is written in a self-help style. I think I may have fallen into something…the sea, perhaps?

Life’s circumstances and the current state of our nation can contribute to all of us being a little spongy, sucky or salty, I think. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to hit the re-set button and clear the heavy, clingy energy. Balance is always a place where we can breathe…and we definitely breathe better on solid ground.

If you have information to share, or questions to ask, or comments to make, let’s explore more below.

Meanwhile, I’ll be coming up for air,




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10 Replies to “See(a) Life”

  1. I would agree that there seems to be a lot of negative news these days and sometimes it seems difficult to keep from absorbing those vibes from others. I have been trying to avoid some of the more catastrophic stuff and focusing on the things and people I am grateful for
    You are one of those folks because you always seem to have a good insight into human nature. Keep you warm loving heart and don’t let the turkeys get you down.

  2. Oh for a re-set button. I’ve often wished for a “fast forward” one and now I’ll add the re-set one. My heart goes out to you and your country. Even typing that last sentence makes me pause. It’s SO unusual.

    I shall raise my glass in a toast to “Balance.”

    1. Oh, how I wish I were Canadian, right now. I’m embarrassed of my country. I’m mortified at my fellow countrymen and how we treat one another. The thing is – the day after the election it will be no better. It seems there has long been an agenda to divide us…I guess that’s been done and it makes my heart ache. I wish there was a rewind button! Thank you, Kelly.

  3. The analogies you use here are so rich, Michelle! I can certainly relate to that sponge empathy reference. I’ve learned to (had to) tune it down, which brings other challenges, but your suggestion to focus on the laughter is a good one I will enjoy.

  4. I love the term spongy – it’s so accurate isn’t it? I’m not in the least bit surprised you’re an extroverted empath – but I’m glad you’ve found a new understanding. It certainly is important to find our ways around navigating energies that aren’t ours. The remembering to breathe suggestion is always a helpful one to me. I especially like to hold my hand over my heart when I do, as I find it’s particularly helpful in bringing my energy back into myself.

  5. It was a re-set for me in the last few days visiting Sequoia. I sat and absorbed images in my mind seeing those magnificent trees in their infancy a couple thousand years ago and then imagining their growth through all that has passed. I think, for me, sometimes it’s helpful to just slow down enough to realize how minuscule I am in the Universe. Let things be, control only what is mine to control, and rest.

    1. That is a fabulous recommendation, Bobbie. Yes, nature has a way of resetting our buttons. I’m glad you enjoyed the giant redwoods. Those forests are jewels – they’re majestic and gorgeous.

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