Not a REAL picture

The REAL Picture

There’s a lot of information in the webosphere and a lot of should do’s and should be’s. It’s almost like we’re being told how to live a life; like we wouldn’t otherwise know how! It’s easy to get the impression you’re not cool enough, clever enough or happy enough. Hmmm….let me tell you –

There isn’t only one way to live and there’s certainly not only one “right” way (click to Tweet). People will try to control you by telling you so – think organized religion and retail marketers. I guess there are some “wrong” The Real pictureways to live – but none of us here are encumbered by such poor behaviour and devious deeds, right? Sure, occasionally we stumble, that’s why I write and you read it – we share little human foibles – but nothing serious, nothing, ahem, pathological – right? Sure, it’s right. I have the utmost faith in you.

I stumbled upon this hysterical video about “Instagram Husbands.” These guys are enlisted to make their wives look good on social media. They help their ladies chronicle their lives – showing how much fun they’re having together. Watch it here….

You can see it’s not the REAL picture. At least not in the eyes of the Instagram husbands. And, yes, there is an actual website for the husbands. <sigh> It’s so not real. There take multiple shots and psssst….Instagram has FILTERS!

This video got me thinking….

real pictureWhat we see on social media and read in blogs is….get ready for it…not always reality. I try to stay true to life here on the blog, as I fall on the sword for the epic fails of all mankind (perhaps a slight exaggeration rendering me in a rather hypocritical light). I think it’s important that we share concerns about our human condition, and we don’t give these concerns so much power they define us. On the interswebs we see the best and the worst. A lot of what we see is the best. The best way to make a beautiful cake, the best way to lose weight, the best way to dress, the best wedding, the best way to raise children, the best (it’s a s-t-r-e-t-c-h) candidate. All of it is edited and editorialized to some extent, some of it, simply fabricated.

Most likely, the examples you see are not totally genuine. That’s right – Internet life is photo-shopped! (click to Tweet). It’s a staged, corrective make-up, Kardashian, plastic, fakey-fake fiasco! It’s shallow. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Don’t despair. Your job is not to lap it up like an obedient poodle, your job is to dig like a hound and ferret out the roots of truth – at least what’s true for you.

You have this one glorious, beautiful life. How much of it are you spending on the stage props that don’t matter? How about cultivating qualities that matter, that change people’s days and maybe their lives?

How about planting the seeds of generosity, respect, honesty, Vintage palsachievement, understanding, encouragement, compassion and love? How about we spend a little time practicing mindfulness? Instead of being worried about what’s going on with our phones, let’s tend to what’s going on with our LIVES…real flesh. (click to Tweet). And make it good…damn good. You’ve got some great tools in your box – USE THEM!

There’s a time and place for everything, and I really do value social media. I’ve met interesting and wonderful people through its pages. It’s fun to share and laugh and watch. But, when we give it too much credence, we run the risk of blurring the lines between what’s “maybe real” and the value we could bring to one another by sharing our energy and authentic gifts. Sorry, but too many cats in boxes can’t be good for anyone. (Reply  Subject Line: “Hate Mail”). At the end of the day, let’s not forget the value of our values and sharing them with others in the here and now.

Rather than sharing what looks good, let’s share what IS good (click to Tweet),




Michelle Andres is a writer and artist Writer, Artist, Coachwho cultivates her own Well Lived Life by drinking in the beauty around her, following her passion, respecting others and doing her best to own her own dookie.
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