This is not the real delivery guy

(This is not the real delivery guy)

It’s going to be a great day.

That’s what it said on the top of the delivery sheet.

A handsome, young man who was expecting the worst…you could tell.

He told me he had to remind himself. His mantra was on the top of every work order for every day…because, “One bad customer can ruin your whole day.” He had 20 deliveries the day he saw me, and he was all business. From my corporate experience, I suspect he was on some kind of PIP – performance improvement plan. Maybe people had complained and he was REQUIRED to write it at the top of each work order. It’s an educated guess, informed by the fact he told me, “Honestly, I should’ve refused this delivery, so they could send a smaller truck,” as soon as he arrived.

Not a good way to win friends and influence people.

I suspect this young man had more impact on what his days were like than any outside influences did – only he didn’t realize that. I don’t mean so much by his attitude, which could have used a bit of polishing, but simply by his expectations.

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That one is a triple entendre so, take a moment, drink it in.

You know, if something unpleasant happens and you had expected it, you prove to yourself you were right. You are in control. I guess it makes us feel safe. Sometimes, I’ve surprised myself by intentionally, making a conscious effort to expect the best when I otherwise would have expected much less. THEN, I’ve been surprised by the pleasantness of the outcome. Is it really that we’re so smart that we make good calls, or is it more of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Any ol’ hou, back to the story –

The young man said, “One bad customer can ruin your whole day…just one bad customer.”

I looked him in the eyes, “Yes, but just expect the best.” He looked at me quizzically.

 (This is not really my keyboard)

                (This is not really my keyboard)

I thanked him for his work. He asked me if I was registered for his company’s emails. I said I was. “You might be getting a survey about this delivery; a survey about me. Rating 1 is not pleased, but 10 is the best.”

“And, you want all 10’s?”

“Yes!” and a huge smile spread across his face. That is when it occurred to me –

We often give away our power to be successful and happy, simply by the way we choose ourexpectations or perceive other people’s actions. (click to Tweet)

We’re just so willing to get in our own way, yet so unaware when we do it. For some of us, it may be nothing more than a bad habit.

Here’s to removing obstacles by making positive choices,




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