This week will be short and sweet….because I’m deep in the steep. Like a fine cup of workshop steep

Nine art-infused days with over 60 other artists, four magnificent teachers, exploring direction, artistic voice and refining our processes. And it’s…

In magical Taos, New Mexico!

Intensive Studies Seminar, also known as ISS is an art intensive that is highly personal, yet social and very supportive. No one can give a critique like the very accomplished, very sensitive ISS instructors. It’s a one-of-a-kind safe environment for artists to find their unique and authentic artistic voices. AND I am blessed, because after 20 years of offering their gifts so artists may find their own, the instructors informed us this year the tradition is coming to a close.

ISS 2015So, I guess you can tell, my dance card is full. I’m learning more about art, exploring the direction of my own artful practice and making some wonderful friends. It’s pretty much the stuff that happens when you take a great art workshop.

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I’m sure I’ll have more to share when I come up for air.

Finding myself (again),



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