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The Scream by Edward Munch

Cheap thrills, chilling thrills, new thrills, known thrills…I’ll take ‘em all.

Sometimes you have dreams of thrills, sometimes thrilling dreams – but stepping off the edge from time to time makes us feel ALIVE.

It’s fun to push your boundaries. If you’re not a risk-taker, you still might stretch just a little – in a “mostly safe,” but somewhat thrilling way. Safety is a drug that stifles fear AND creativity. It feels cozy and comfy and s-t-u-c-k. Neale Donald Walsch said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” [Tweet “I say, ” Safety is the pimp daddy, drug dealer of moving forward.””]We rest quietly in the clutches of comfort…letting it seduce us into its predictability, and as we marinate there, we find it ever so more difficult to venture out. We get stuck in a rut, become depressed, agoraphobic, stagnant. We know it isn’t right, we can feel the rub. Still, that fear will stop us in our tracks and we don’t forge new territory – at. all. Do you have a safety habit? Need a 12-step program? 

The opportunity for adventure presents frequently and in various aspects of our lives. You can spice it up in any season of your life with a dash of cheap thrills and, luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of resources to cop a thrill (click to Tweet). A dash of adventure can provide thrills in a physical sense, a sensorial way or it can spice up our work, too. Not ready for a dash? How ‘bout a pinch?

When it comes to overcoming the fears, Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art Overcoming Fearsays, “ Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do.” So, Pressfield is advocating walking into the fear. He goes on “…the more fear we feel about a specific enterprise, the more certain we can be that that enterprise is important to us and to the growth of our soul. That’s why we feel so much Resistance. If it meant nothing to us, there’d be no resistance.” Resistance is the indicator. Do what you feel the pull to resist. Give it a try – how horrible could it be? (click to Tweet, dare you!).

So, as you move on to next week, another fresh chance to seek out thrills, face the fear, push the boundaries and do it anyway if offered. What work do you have to do? It’s probably what you’re AVOIDING. Is it exercise? Financial planning? A new direction for your work? A difficult conversation? What will push the limits of your comfort zone? Tell us here, because we’re all about cheering you on! You GO!

Embrace the Thrill of it ALL!



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