HabitsNuns wear habits. The Monastery of the Angels, a website of Dominican Cloistered Nuns, explains it this way:

“A “habit” tells who the nuns are.  Nuns are women of prayer who have dedicated themselves to a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice.  They do not keep to themselves the fruit of their contemplation, but share it with others.”

Plain Ol’ Sinners like us have habits that are like this…sort of. Stick with me for the stretch. I promise to try to tie it together.

Our “holiest” of habits require a commitment, sacrifice, occasional penance and the fruit they produce is shared. Good habits are a blessing that we nurture from the seed of an idea.

Then there are “unholy” habits. Gosh, where to begin? I’ve got some unproductive, self-indulgent, fear based, lazy-assed habits myself. They feel wonderful when I’m fully engaged in them, like a cuddly ol’ horse hair shirt, but I almost always regret it later. It’s like good and evil fighting for possession of my soul! You devil, Rocky Road ice cream!

They tell people who we are. They demonstrate our dedication to certain practices. Our habits reflect our values, our self-esteem, our passion, our “fire” and our mental disorders. Excessive hand washing, anyone? It’s cold and flu season, you know?  Some of us hold tight to our habits…religiously.

One thing is for sure – our habits create our days, our lives, our careers, our futures, our friends and families. They are POWERFUL! (click to Tweet).

“Wave” 12×12 Oil By Jill Christian

I was recently chatting with my art partner, Jill Christian (sounds like she would wear a habit) about the value of goals. You remember goals? I drilled you about them towards the end of last year. Jill was tossing around the idea that habits may be more important than goals for creating the lives we want. It’s a compelling conundrum. Our audacious goals need the right habits to fuel them, AND, being the hedonist I am, I think we really ought to throw in some fun, maybe a couple “soft/bad” habits, to take the drudgery from all those good habits. We don’t want to end up with too many “shoulds,” after all!

The cousin to habits is most assuredly “Time.” I’ve addressed the issue of time management.

Poor habits can gnaw away at time, the same way worry sharpens its teeth on your well-being (click to Tweet).

To create the life you desire you have to get a handle on time and use it as the starter crank to your good habits.

So, just a little communion wafer for thought, this week. Are your habits helping or hurting you when it comes to creating the life you desire? Is it time for a self-check? A couple minor adjustments? Cornette a little crooked?

Okay, I’ve said my sermon. I really not sure whether to ask forgiveness or just bow my head in reverence.

Can I get an Amen?





Special thanks to Jill Christian for being a great artist and a great thinker. Thank you for contributing your beautiful artwork to this post. Find Jill at www.facebook.com/jill.christian.art  or on her website.

If you would like your art featured on my blog, please send a quality image in a jpeg format with the title and permission for use. If the appropriate topic fits your image, I’ll credit you and publish a link to your site!  

Michelle Andres is a writer, artist and coach who nudges, nay, shoves, her clients in the direction of their dreams, helping them to overcome non-productive behaviours and enjoy more success in their lives. 

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16 Replies to “Habits”

  1. I swear you are watching me…but I can’t find the hidden lens.
    Husband is on a mission trip in the Philippines, he left Jan 30th, not coming back until the 11th.
    The first 3 days, all my less attractive habits came out of hiding–couch surfing, bad food choices, staying up ridiculously late, not exercising. Yes, the first day & half felt great. But then the self loathing set in. Its a miserable feeling. Depressing as hell.
    But a kick start out of the dark side brought me back to the person I want to emulate. You know, it’s those habits & traits that someone hopefully will notice & put in your eulogy one day
    Timely piece Michelle.
    I’m going to find that camera…..

    1. Haha, Beth, good luck with the camera. It’s kind of cool you had a space to express all your “bad habits” and get them out of your system, don’t you think? Now, off to loftier pursuits! Thanks for the giggles! ~m

    1. Beth is thinking about her legacy and I have a great deal of respect for that. We all leave a legacy…whether we do so consciously or not, but that’s another post. 🙂

  2. Yep. One of my more “innocent” sinful habits: choosing to linger on your blog post, rather than grade a discussion forum! I’ll say 12 “Buckle Downs” now and get in gear. Sometimes the path to our “right life” is full of little curves and twists…but our experiences in there give us the wisdom (and the fun) that make the journey worthwhile! It may take a little longer to get to the final destination, but isn’t that what we want after all? 🙂

    1. I totally agree the turns inform us, make it fun and perhaps leave a little residual wisdom, Jackie. We do have to be careful because it can run akin to “just one more oreo…then I’ll go.” Next thing we know, we’re headed to Weight Watchers!

      I love your sin is to linger on my blog. 🙂 You are a wise woman indeed!

  3. AMEN!! I have to say I also like lingering on your blog Michelle! My bad habits are cyclical…I’ll spend months on several art projects and once completed I take a break. But even when I am on break, in the back of my mind, there are new projects incubating. Most often I have to kickstart myself back into the working cycle…I have to agree those “lazy” habits are difficult to get through!

    1. Linger as you wish, Deborah! Guilty pleasure? It sounds like you know yourself well. Sometimes we do need to incubate. The trick is to NOT let the bad habits get in the way of the good intentions. Thanks for bringing to our attention that many of us work with and through the “cycles.” ~m

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