My Lunacy (Luna, See?)

moon journalTonight the moon is full. There will also be a penumbral eclipse, though it may not be visible in North America. I’ve always followed the moon closely. She is a heavenly body symbolizing light, the feminine (maiden, mother and crone) and abundance. The moon controls her own cycles. She is the embodiment of planting, growth and harvest. The moon taps into our feminine qualities, all of us, not just women, but men, too.

Tonight’s moon, October 18, 2013 will be a “Hunter’s Moon.” (click to Tweet)

So, why am I going all loony for the moony?  Mostly because I spent last weekend with 55 other artists in a room with music, laughter, chocolate, flowers and Alyson Stanfield, The Art Biz Coach. We defined our dreams and took oaths with one another on steps we’d take to make our dreams materialize. It was fantastic. The friendships we formed will go far beyond the weekend and the steps we’ve vowed to take will become our everyday, powerful, business tools and rituals.

moon journal
Future Moon Journalers

Rituals. We had a discussion about the benefits of journaling, affirmations and gratitude. These activities are powerful and keep us on track. They do require some upkeep AND I have something additional to share with you. You may even want to try it.

I do a bi-monthly moon dance. Yep, I get all cozy, clear, conscious and talk to the moon. Twice a month. Like clockwork. My mind is clear. I get in a good space. I go outside, look up and let it fly. Don’t be alarmed. It’s not a cloven-hoofed ritual or anything, and it has good value.

I have a journal I use for the full and new moons. On the full moon, I let stuff go. It is a time of emptying, moving forward and past the concerns I’ve had. It doesn’t have to be fancy…usually just one, simple page. It may look something like this:

During this full moon I, with trust and faith, surrender and release that which no longer serves me.

  •  Doubts about my talents and how they may be used to serve others
  • Fear of vulnerability (this is PROOF, I’ve let that one fly! I’m sharing my journal with you!)
  • A sense of lack or scarcity
  • Pain from the past that keeps me from savoring joy in the present

Today I joyfully surrender and am open to receive life differently.

I might also include concerns for my children or other people in my life, my interpretation of how I was treated or an event that felt unjust. Basically, it’s stuff I hang on to. We all have it. It’s emotional clutter, feelings of doubt. Why drag it around like toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe? The moon will take care of it!

So, the full moon is a time to unload. It’s spring cleaning for the soul, but I do it every month! (click to Tweet)

The new moon ritual is a little different. New moons are for exploring possibilities, setting intentions and moving forward. New moons manifest new ideas, practices and habits. I don’t get too specific, that’s what my “To Do” list is for. Here’s an example of a new moon ritual:moon journal

I accept these things into my life now, for my highest good and the good of all concerned:

  • Joyful, artful living
  • Cultivating more compassion, patience and non-judgment
  • A career path that fulfills my purpose and brings joy to myself and others
  • Deep connections with my animal friends
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda. Still reading? Did you get that one?

I am open to receive these gifts or something better. With joyful gratitude ~ m

New moons set the stage for the next slice of life you want to create (click to Tweet).

Sometimes we do things because they feel good. Sometimes we do things because they work. You will be pleased to know, this practice fits both bills. Occasionally, I have to carry an action over to the next month. Sometimes I find myself revisiting these releases or manifestations. But, I have a chronicle. I can see where I’ve been, I can imagine where I want to go…and create it. Every month I see growth, change and it goes the way of my intentions.

Embrace your lunacy. It only happens 24 times per year (or so). Go ahead…

Moon Me,



Michelle Andres is a coach, writer and artist who nudges, nay, shoves creatives in the direction of their Art coaching, building your art business, belongingnessdreams by helping them improve productivity by helping them form good behaviours and eliminating poor ones. Follow her on Facebook on Twitter

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21 Replies to “My Lunacy (Luna, See?)”

  1. I enjoy your sense of humor and wit Michelle. Glad you enjoyed your conference and fellowship. It’s always fun to get together with like minded people and share. Interesting blog but I must say that I personally keep my eyes focused on the one who made the moon…with the idea of “letting go” the title of 4 of my paintings, I need to do it more frequently. xoxo Noel

    1. The constant act of letting go has become a spiritual practice for me, Noel. It takes faith for sure. I find that checking myself once a month is quite helpful…oooh, that sounds sort of weird. 🙂 The one who made the moon will take care of things, if we get out of our own way. I can’t wait to see your paintings. You will show them, won’t you?

  2. Fabulous, Michelle!
    I am so lucky I got to meet you – this is a tremendous blog post. I had no idea that this was something a person can do. I would write more but, seriously, I have to go out and talk to the moon. For realsies.

    1. It’s a great practice for me, Amantha. I can look back and see all that I’ve let go, and all that I’ve created. Very powerful. I hope you enjoy your new practice!

  3. This is a great post Michelle, yummy as Alyson would say… well written with juicy helpful inspiring info to get us going. It was fabulous meeting you and sharing hummus and insight. Happy Journaling, release, surrender and have a beautiful blessed evening…’s to howling at the moon.

    1. Alyson, our time in Golden was so powerful…to be followed by this Harvest Moon. Thanks a great workshop and the inspiration to put wheels on my dreams. I’ll tell the moon all about it!

  4. This is great, Michelle! Thanks for inspiring and instructing us on how to live and create with the moon as our ally.

    I love thinking of you doing your moon dance and will play with my own moon zones.

    I saw the penumbra – it was like a half penumbra – dividing the moon in half horizontally. I’ve never seen that before. It was a special moon this month for sure!

    1. You are so fortunate to be able to see it, Cynthia. Yes, remember the new moon is here soon…November 3rd. I’m sure you’ll be manifesting incredible, new things. Have a great time in your moon zones!

  5. HI Michelle;
    So is this why I have been painting the moon a lot lately? Hmmm? You have given me some great ideas to think about. Perhaps I will start including some rituals around the moon.

    Thank you!

  6. That’s interesting about painting the moon, Carol. Gotta love that moon. The rituals around the moon are powerful. At the very least you have a historical record of your intentions and the things you are releasing. I find they materialize with very little effort. Enjoy!

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