Remember those flip storybooks? The kind you had when you were a kid? There were several divided pages you could choose red rocks croppedfrom and you’d flip one part of the story and it would change the entire storyline.  Life is kind of like that.

Are you happy with the way your life is unfolding? It occurred to me, “The steps you take today, create the path you walk tomorrow.” (Click to Tweet).  This can be applied with a broad brushstroke in many areas of life, but it holds true not only for life’s big decisions, but also the daily choices we make, like when to get out of our bath robe or when to say “no.”

No pressure here, but everyday we all make choices. Occasionally we make big choices like which career path to take, the type of leader we want to be, the way we want to parent, who we’ll marry and other high impact stuff. On a smaller scale, every single day we make choices about how we “run our day.” This includes how we fulfill our commitments, what will be on the “to do” list, how we’ll respond to a request and who we’ll turn to for advice or approval.

Just because we consciously make these choices and choose a direction to follow, doesn’t mean we get all our wishes. Our thoughtfulness doesn’t guarantee our future will unfold on our schedule or present the exact picture we desire, but it creates a pathway that sets the trajectory of our lives. That sounds terrifying, fateful and as if our entire lives are determined by one simple decision. The thought can lead to analysis paralysis.  It reminds me of the time my son was on his IKEA shopping spree and took 3 ½ hours to spend $200. (Sorry, son).

It’s. Not. That. Critical…………………………………..Usually……..Not. 

There’s always an opportunity to hang a right…or left…and take another trail. OR you can beat down a new trail that’s never been tried before. It’s never too late to pursue another path, or just change the smaller steps that take us down the current one. But, the further we get down a path, the more energy it takes to change direction. It’s true!

The simple truth of the matter is – if you don’t start taking steps on some sort of path – you will probably wake up someday standing in pretty much the same bloody place. So, hop on a path and make the turns if you need to!

What are you doing along your travels?

  • Are you thoughtful about your choices?
  • Do you structure your time to accomplish things that will take you a little further down the path each day?
  • When making a decision do you consider not only how it will impact the present, but the potential future outcomes it may create?
  • Do you have a trusted confidant or personal “Board of Advisors” to share ideas and concerns with?

These are just a few considerations. And certainly, in times of great transition it’s normal to be unsure which path you want. If that’s your situation, it’s okay to take some time, and it’s always okay (even wise) to ask for help.

CIMG0043Remember, you may not know where you’re going to be in 5 years, but you’re going to be SOMEWHERE…so, pick a path. (Click to Tweet).

Once more thing – while you’re on the journey remember to enjoy the scenery. That is all!

Safe Travels and Be Brave!



Michelle Andres is a coach, writer and artist who champions others to follow the path less traveled; Coaching pic  - Version 3the path that leads straight to their joyful hearts.♥

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