Mad Monsoon


Deep, exhilarating, thoughtful, inspiration.

As I consciously decide to take a break on my series of Villages, the possibilities on new work pour in…like torrential rains. A mad, invigorating monsoon of ideas, mental snap shots and dreams begging to spring to life.

It’s like drinking from a fire hose. It’s like digital information that floods your mind and you can’t get mental a foothold. “I’m drowning in inspiration…possibilities.” (Click to Tweet that).

Have you had this experience? Have you had the sheer joy of waking in the morning, rippling with excitement of what you might explore and discover that day? Have you felt like a 5 year old in your adult body, ready to pack a day full and explore every corner of God’s creative earth?

It is this little break, between creating, doing and delivering that is the sweetest space for me. (Click to Tweet)  Faced with the openness of possibilities, no searching for inspiration, but trying to catch the pouring 7 Sacred Pondsideas in a teaspoon…abundance.

How do you assimilate this? Here are some ideas to help manage muse in a mad monsoon:

  • Capture ideas in sketches – Do small studies that can become larger works in the future. Carry an idea book with you.
  • Balance new skills with existing competencies – Know which skills you have nailed down, and which ones you need to work on…use each…stretch with new ideas and skills, but anchor them to existing competencies – that way you can get a foothold and minimize epic disappointments. Epic disappointments squelch the joy of inspiration.
  • Identify ways to leverage your ideas – Can you string them together? Find a place where they meet in the middle and build on it? If there is no junction, don’t force one.
  • Work in series – You will create a comprehensive body of work and deepen your understanding of the subject matter and skills you are working to improve along the way. Learn more about series work here.
  • Let your imagination run wild – Consider the design elements and your ideas. Work through them all, consider them again and again.
  • View lots of work – by other people, by Mother Nature. Become a keen observer.
  • Find a mentor or trusted friend –  Have someone to bounce ideas off, give you gentle guidance and feedback. It’s a huge asset to have a critique group or a few trusted allies. Make sure they are people whose work and judgment you trust. They should be honest, gentle and supportive. Mean mentors will not only ruin your day, they can ruin YOU!

Munds MountainSo this spring, in the season of renewal and rebirth, I encourage you to welcome ideas as they flow, too fast to catch in a teaspoon. Mop them up with journals and sketchbooks. Catch them in a voice memo function on your phone. Drink from the fountain with trusted kin and feel free to share how you find and capture inspiration in a comment below. I welcome you to the conversation.


Enjoy the Monsoon!




Michelle Andres is a writer, artist and coach who nudges, nay, shoves, her clients in the direction of their dreams, helping them to overcome non-productive behaviours and enjoy Writer, Artist, Coachmore success in their lives. 

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8 Replies to “Mad Monsoon”

  1. Oh, it’s not always the case for me either, Grete. It was a wonderful experience and one I have to give energy to in order to maintain. Definitely, easier to achieve if all is well in one’s world. I wish it for you, too…soon. Take care ~ m

  2. Thanks for writing this. I thought I was going to burst or have to hire many to create for me so I can see everything come to fruition.

    I think harnessing my thoughts rather than dwelling on things out of mind control has helped me to focus on ideas. It gets me to almost bursting with creativity. The more negativity around me forces me to discipline my mind towards what I want to do with my life. It’s not easy, but I would rather go to bed with ideas than go to bed mad, sad, disappointed, or regretful. When I wake in the morning, my day is more set for what exciting creative things are waiting for me.

  3. I love your enthusiasm, what drains mine is negative thoughts and those that have trouble being around such a high vibration! I thrive on it and find a hard time being around those that aren’t, but then they have a hard time with mine sometimes. Keep up the awesome flow of inspiration from our pool of universal divinity! xx

    1. Yes, Cheryle – I can see how negativity zaps our energy. It takes discipline to keep one’s own thoughts positive at first. Then, it becomes who we are naturally. With regard to other’s negativity, I try to surround myself with like-minded people and it seems to work. I don’t dismiss the negative people, I’ll throw them a line, but sometimes people don’t want to help themselves, and they aren’t ready to change.

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