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Dragonfly – Diane Tharp

I’m a sneaky coach. It’s a true confession…and, what’s more, most of us coaches are sneaky. We ask covert questions, designed to make you “think.” We thrive on movement and light — your movement, and your light going on — your light.

So recently, when I taught a beginning mosaic workshop, I just HAD to sneak some coaching into the class. I get my jollies from deep thinking and creating MEANING in my life, and love to see others enjoy their well-lived lives, too. This beginning workshop had some time for a little introspection and then each participant created a “Pieces of YOU!” mosaic piece.

Lots of eye candy and bobbles lined my shelves for my student’s creative amusement.  Pieces were large, small, shiny and colourful. There were, however, no colours written on the jars of smooth, flashy tiles…instead, there were words depicting qualities.

Heart -Patty Dayton

Heart -Patty Dayton

  • Harmony
  • Creativity
  • Hope
  • Spirituality
  • Authenticity
  • Happy Surprises
  • Courage
  • Communication

We spent some time thinking about what we wanted in 2013. We got our ambition, our friendships, our happy surprises from a JAR. Because that’s how it goes. No matter where you get it, what we focus on is what we get. Let me say it one more time…“WHAT WE FOCUS ON IS WHAT WE GET!” Whether you’re getting it out of a jar, from a book, from morning prayers or from a group of friends or family, you create your reality. So, choose the tiles you want, rather than using the tiles you’re randomly given.

There was a tough time in my life, when I was “using the tiles I was given” and life was quite a mess. It wasn’t really that I’d been issued random tiles, no. I had, at a previous time, chosen these tiles. Now, they didn’t fit the “decor” if you know what I mean. Time for new tiles. I wrote 5 things on a post it note. Things I wanted in my life. The note was placed where I could see it for a while, but then I tucked it neatly into a book. 2 years later, I opened the book and the note fell out, cuz the stick doesn’t last forever, you know (thank you, God!). Done and done…intent, focus, done. I didn’t “try” all that hard, I just kept what I wanted in front of me. Magically, my life was “re-tiled!”

Val Hutton's Daisies

Val Hutton’s Daisies

So as we move along with our lives, I encourage you to keep your hearts and minds ajar…open to the good stuff. Choose the tiles you want now, instead of using only the tiles you currently have. That sense of lack is a fallacy. If my class can get wisdom from a jar, you can get _______(insert what you want here) from a multitude of sources. Move away from the stuff that is holding you back and go towards the light — the idea light bulb kind, not the Heavenly glare, not yet. Focus on what you want and be grateful for what you get. It’s all good. It’s all part of the mystery of the sweet journey.

Here’s to staying open ~


P.S. Thank you to my fabulous students who have graciously agreed to show their pieces for this post! Coaching pic  - Version 3

Michelle Andres is a coach, writer and artist who champions others to follow the path less traveled; the path that leads straight to their joyful hearts.♥ Find her on Facebook