Don’t Let The Old Man In!

crotchety old womanI often recall the words of Clint Eastwood. When asked how he stays so young, he simply replied, “I don’t let the old man in.”

Yesterday, the old woman knocked on my door. She arrives silently with her crotchety, destructive attitude. Of course, my resiliency is waning since I’m in the process of slaying a fierce, self-depleting cold. I’m also feeling urgency to get into the studio and produce work. Amidst all this, there are people.

Ugh, PEOPLE! They’re in my house. In my house with their boots, their lead pipes, their full bladders and worse; we’re paying them for the unwelcome intrusion. They’re drilling through brick over my right shoulder while I’m beating away the old, curmudgeon-broad on my left. Help me rally, Clint!!! Continue reading “Don’t Let The Old Man In!”

Wonky World – Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in RetrogradeFrom September 17th until October 9th Mercury is in retrograde,  or
“retrofit” as my husband likes to say, but he’s not a big “asstrology” fan.   I don’t REALLY know what this retrograde thing is all about, but I’ve heard things can go askew during this time. In a way, it makes no sense, because beginning last weekend everything got wonky in my perfect little world.

It seems nothing is getting done. I arrive at confirmed appointments at the wrong time (miscommunication), meetings seem uneasy, misunderstandings rear their heads, traffic is unbearable and things just aren’t falling into place, in fact, they may not even have a place.

Chaos.Fire Breathing Dragon

Do you know what I mean? Does this ever happen to you? I KNOW it does. Sure, we try to remain positive and hopeful, because we know if we even dare breathe on the idea of the energy-sucking, fire-breathing dragon, we give life to it…and I ain’t no dragon mama! (click to tweet)

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