Create a Well-Lived Life Through Personal Coaching – I Can Help YOU!

The definition of a “well-lived life” is different for each of us. Maybe you’re wondering Candlewhat a well-lived life would look like for you.  If you’re a creative person, a well-lived life may include anything from more time to hone your craft to more venues and opportunities for your work to be seen, heard, or collected.

Perhaps your a solo-preneur and you’re having challenges wearing all the hats required to make your business a success. Coaching can be a great tool! I can help you find your way…pretty much by just holding the candle for you.


Whether you’re wanting to find your passion and create more JOY in your life or planning to tackle a project and want to be sure to see all the steps, I can help you find your way. I offer coaching options from structured packages to the new “Help me – I’m an Artist! Lifeline.” I’m certified as both a personal and executive coach…so that gives us, as a team, quite a range. Tap inside, then put some legs on it! You have a chance to live a wild and rewarding life…DO IT! Leave your mark!

After coaching, my clients often report feelings of:

  • Lightness and possibilities – They are infused with enthusiasm and an optimistic outlook for their future
  • Clarity – They have a game plan for achieving goals and making changes in their own behaviour that greatly benefits their lives or careers
  • Confidence – Knowing they have a plan and a champion their your corner – that champion is ME because I have a passion for watching others get what they want…whatever it is that leads them straight to their joyful hearts!

Here are some kind words those I’ve worked with said about the experience:

“Michelle brings a broad range of expertise in executive and business coaching, organizational development and program management. But more than what she knows is who she is; bright, insightful and creative.”  ~ Helen Horyza

“Reminds me of the investment and value others have put into me and how I can learn and pay if forward. THANKS!” ~ C.J

“[Michelle] has a wonderful gift of encouragement and the ability to bring positive characteristics to light in those she coaches. I admire her ability to bring out the best in our leaders and to keep them on a successful path.”  ~ Cheryl Mckinney


I am happy to offer several different options for coaching. To find out if I’m the right coach for you, I offer a 45 minute FREE consultation. Let’s connect, and then you can decide if I’m the right fit for you – because not everyone is for everyone and that’s okay…as long as you get what you need.

Available Packages:

  • 1 Month – Generally once a week – 4 sessions – 1 hour each – $499
  • 3 Months Generally once a week – 12 sessions – 1 hour each – $1,200
  • The “HELP ME – I’m an artist!” Lifeline– Hey, I’m an artist too, and I love working with YOU! 1 Month – Three 30 minute sessions – $175
  • Professional Development Workshops for Creatives – These are scheduled regularly. If you’re interested drop me a line and I’ll tell you what’s on the calendar. You can also check out the Blue Line Arts Calendar for that specific venue.

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