manure IMy mind is fertile. Even in childhood, I was the one with my head in the clouds, dreaming, scheming, generating ideas and questioning the world.

Fertile minds can work for us or against us. It depends upon the fertilizer, really (click to Tweet).

A mind full of dung generates steaming, fetid, heaping piles of shit. Yeah, I said that. Before I went on my summer vacation  I was composting media clips, political commentary, mind-spinning current events and fears of our collective future. That composting roiled itself into a seething, slow boiling sort of rage. I do not like the “good” being stolen from me by subversive sources. I especially detest the dismemberment of the truth; there IS good in the world. Nuff said.

I really can’t blame the putrid state of affairs on anyone other than Manure IImyself. It’s a lot like your diet. Consume a constant regimen of fast food and junk – you get fat. Make choices for a sedentary life-style – you get sick. Deny any spirituality in your life – you become hopeless. Stop working and spend every cent you’ve made – you become impoverished. Focus on the bad in the world – you get angry. Maybe because you know it’s not the truth. Maybe because you can’t do anything about it….


But, you can!

I made a few changes. I began by owning up to my own bad choices. I apologized for my misled behaviour. I felt, and bore, the mantle of shame, but hey, I’d earned it. I started exercising more, changed the radio station and got back to ACTIVELY CREATING A WELL-LIVED LIFE. I went from manure a la chicken shite to a healthy, fluffy, organic compost variety and quit focusing on weeds.

Really, it makes a difference. You have to unplug, you have to give up on being on the cutting edge of the bullshit. It isn’t real anyway.

Here’s my recipe for my fluffy fertilizer:
First, gather all the ingredients and be sure you don’t have to run to the store or take the trash out last minute. Mix the following ingredients with positive intentions –

  • Fold together the people in your life who enrich you and love you and feed your soul with the truth of who you are.
  • Sift in your connection with that thing that is bigger than yourself – the One, whatever it may be, who has a plan for you and your faith in that plan.
  • Generously add your infinite capacity to give and love all that is around you. This includes love expressed as forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, understanding and trying to make the world better by lifting up those around you.
  • Include a generous pinch of our own gratitude for the fortune you’ve been served, God knows why, when others are struggling and enduring without complaint. It must be this way so you’re available to help others.
  • Bake in solitude, reflection, mindfulness and free-will. Be intentionally baked. (click to Tweet).
  • Frost with the dignity of work. Select the sweet, soul nourishing work that is your favourite and, in the event it gets stale, drippy or bitter, whip up a fresh batch and frost again. Be tenacious and joyful with your good work – slather it on!
  • Serve hot. Or cold. Just serve. Serve often, generously and with gratitude.

manure IIIIt’s easy to give our attention to the loudest voices. It’s the easy thing to acquiesce to sensationalism, the masses, and fear. When we do this, we fail to see the delight of living, the joy in serving and the space to create something different…something better.

I hope if any dear readers are in this dark place, you take control of your garden. No one can make you use fertilizer you don’t want to use. You choose. You are the gardener of your own life. (Click to tweet).

Grow Sweet Things ~




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Michelle Andres is a writer and artist who cultivates her own Well Writer, Artist, CoachLived Life by drinking in the beauty around her, following her passion, respecting others and doing her best to own her own dookie.
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