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A little about me…I’m a writer, artist, corporate refuge and keen observer of life.

Every Wednesday I spend some time penning a post for my Friday blog, “The Art of The Well Lived Life” which focuses creatives and others to observe their own behaviour, forgive their flaws and focus on the life they want to create. Sensitive themes are approached with a heaping of forgiveness and humour, because after decades of introspection and observation I realize, we’re more the same than we are different…and that includes things we’d rather not talk about. So let’s crawl out into the light and have a little pow-wow.

“The Art of The Well Lived Life” addresses business issues, too. I write  using the principles I’ve taught and applied for over 15 years, with executives in corporate America. Psssst…..I know you’re not perfect, because neither am I. Acknowledging our foibles and removing the shame around them creates a place where we can begin to make changes that make our lives richer and happier. This honesty and acceptance improves relationships, businesses and the outlook we have on life.

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Running your Art Business and Creating a Well Lived Life

My pedigree is not nearly as important as the fact I have a passion to facilitate positive change through a process of support, honesty, acceptance and creating accountability. If you must know the “particulars”- I hold a MS in Organization Development and Behaviour, a BA in Psychology and am a Certified Coach through the ICF.

As an artist, I was born with a pen in my hand. Later, I began my visual arts journey with mosaics and then painting – which is how I spend most of my days. My contemporary artwork is largely abstract – intended to strike a personal chord with the viewer or collector. You can find a link on this page or go to Michelle Andres Studio. You can learn more about a Well Lived Life and Well Run Business on the pages of this site. I warmly invite you to browse it, join “The Tribe,” and hope you find some wisdom here that will help you create and enjoy  The Well Lived Life!

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