Social media has made me a better person.

Social MediaI know, you’re probably saying, “Whaaaaaat?” You might believe people let their alter-egos run like wild toddlers on “Fakebook” and other social media platforms, but that isn’t always true. I’d like to believe very few do.

Several years ago, I realized the person I was born as had been buried alive to allow birth for the person who would comply with expectations. It wasn’t really a tragedy, because I developed skills I probably wouldn’t have pursued if left to my own devices. I became an educated, professional who could run not only an entire life by myself, but also run other people’s entire days and businesses. But, one day I realized I needed to honor that silenced inner voice. It was a crossroads. I needed to bloom before I went to seed, so the gag-order was lifted.

I wrote a “coming out post” – birthing this blog, “The Art of the Well Authetic picLived Life” and mostly quit my corporate gig. I occasionally dip my toe back into the water, because it’s fun, refreshing and still part of who I am (and it can buy a lot of paint!), but I spend the bulk of my days pursuing more creative endeavors.

Those creative endeavors are shared on social media platforms. I also share parts of my life, and I can say,

“Social media has made me a better person.”

43758166_sThe venture started when I came out, picked up steam with a practice of expressing gratitude and inviting others to do the same, and continues as I confess my challenges and foibles (because they aren’t all that different from yours). My writing, hopefully, encourages self-acceptance and tolerance of others, while giving permission to set healthy boundaries so we can all evolve into our best selves and savor the sweetness of our own lives.

Social media, for me, has created personal accountability.

I’ve learned to stay true to the person who shows up on my pages. I’m always surprised when people I meet remark “You look just like you look on social media.” It’s surprising when a coaching client says, “You sound just like you write.” Well…….yeah, because who would LIE (by the way, that’s a bold-faced “lie”) about such things? Why? I show up with all my warts and my friends accept me anyway. What the hell? Life is pretty good! On social media I find resources, support and celebration – in spite of or maybe because of my shortcomings.

Some people misbehave on social media. I’ve met them, but thankfully social mediathey’re few. I’ll examine their comments to see if they hold weight. If they don’t – I do my best to let their pettiness go when I come across it – just like in “real life.” But, I’ll admit, sometimes it stings and sometimes it’s a challenge. That’s why I keep my media feed positive and upbeat. I’ve surrounded myself with people I like and get to choose when and with whom to interact. I don’t put on false airs…

I’m not perfekt and don’t pretend to be; and I like it that way (click to Tweet).

None of us is perfect, but that’s cool because people’s quirks and idiosyncrasies make life interesting. It’s what makes us approachable – real.

So, what about you? Time to clean up your newsfeeds? Time to go into settings to make your social media experience more enlightening? Unfriend? (GASP) Just like in “real life” you set the controls. OR, is it time to put a more authentic step forward and be more honest in your life?

Often, dealing with your our own dishonesty can be more challenging than dealing with someone else’s. (click to Tweet).

Whatever the case, don’t forget to set those boundaries with people and time. Oh, and ENJOY, that’s the important part. There’s good work for us to do!

Be the Best You!



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