pack rattin' clutterPack Rattin’

That’s right! Hang on tightly – because this is a confessional blog. Time for me to fess up and do some heavy duty penance no matter how embarrassing the admission is. I do it for YOU, because you just might be pack rattin’, too.

Last week realized I’m motivated by over-commitment. I’ve noticed having a LOT to do leads to the seduction excuse of pushing organizing stuff to the wayside. So basically, the more I have to do, the less time I have to keep things in their proper places. When I pack rat, I do it in grand style. I have electronic junk and paper junk and some of it isn’t junk at all. I suspect I’m gathering some emotional junk, too. I don’t really have time to clear it all up because…Time Management

I’m just soooooo busy.

But, I’m drowning in my own excrement here. (click to Tweet, tho I bet you won’t).

We get so much information each day, and I want to give it all proper attention. Truth is, some of it is just noise and doesn’t deserve attention at all….it’s a time drain! I just deleted over 2,0000 email notifications from Pinterest and that’s barely touching the over 17,000 emails in my inbox (that is not a typo, sorry). Not sure why I need to know what someone I’ve never heard of is pinning. Not sure why I need ever Ethan Allen catalogue that’s crossed my path. I can’t let go of pretty things. My desk is piled with papers and you know what’s ironic?

I’ve missed stuff. 

How the hell can I miss stuff when I’ve pack-ratted all the stuff I’ve ever had? (click to Tweet THAT).


Do you think my method might be faulty? Doh!

Clutter 2Don’t misunderstand. You won’t see me on a reality show – it’s not that obvious. It’s just, the busier we I get, the messier I get. Things get misplaced and I know why.

If I put them away, I’d forget where I’d put them. (shhhhhh…)

Right? You know those “safe places” where we stash the most important stuff? They suck.

So, I’m keeping this one short and sweet, because I’ve got some cleaning up to do. I’ve got a bit of organizing ahead of me – penance, for sure, because I don’t need to keep art calls from February and I don’t need most of the junk I’m safe-keeping AND just because I recognize your name, because you’ve SPAMMED me to death, doesn’t mean I know you! So, THERE!!!

Off to Take My Own Advice, (oh, and don’t forget to read about the contest below!)





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