Two FacedThere are two ways to view the world, I think. The first world-view comes from what others tell us. This includes what we read in newspapers, magazines, on the web, see on TV and hear on the radio. It’s a life scripted by the media. The second view comes from observation in day-to-day living. This view is comprised of data from our 5 senses, observations we get on our walks, at the market, from our work and in the company of family and friends. This view is scripted by your reality.

My experience of the world is vastly different depending upon the view I choose.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our heads, living primarily in the first world-view. There’s an underlying, biological need to focus on looming threats, we can’t take our eyes off the train-wreck we call politics and we fear being uninformed about the world around us. The media is counting on our appetites for current events and sensationalism when it serves up this garbage we’re devouring at warp speed.

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How can we make the news from the heart – the second world-view – as World View mediaappealing as the fool’s parade, bells and whistles and adrenaline-dumping hit administered by the media? It’s hard to compete. And, as we’ve taken our five senses and applied them firmly to the network news, we’ve lost the voice for our true lives, our true selves and truly for one another. We’re running the risk of being products of the propaganda machine.

That’s not the only risk. How would you feel if you missed out on relationships, joy, laughter, experiences and love? How would you feel if you forgot to love yourself, to truly live your life, and instead became a reactionary drone?

Frightened and lonely, that’s how.

A lot of people are lonely. Many of us have lost the deep connection with others, and some have even lost that connection with themselves. I came upon this article by Dr. Margaret Paul  which I believe is an excellent resource for tips to cultivate real intimacy in our lives.

Creating intimacy can be scary, it makes us vulnerable, but I’m sure in the end, the more deeply we’ve lived, the fewer our regrets we have. I’d rather walk through the fear true intimacy requires than wade forever in the pool of a fearful and untrue world narrative. (click to Tweet)

Which world-view are you currently living in? Do you twist in the wind of current events, or walk mindfully through a life far from the sensationalism of ratings? If you’re striving for the 2nd world-view, how well are you loving others? How well do you love yourself?

Many of us are uncomfortable putting ourselves first. We put ourselves 2nd, 3rd, even last in the name of being unselfish. Why do we treat ourselves that way? Do you have a running diatribe in your head telling you you’re not enough? Is the voice critical and condemning? What if someone was constantly putting your partner or children last? What if they were haranguing them with a stream of harmful words and constant negative judgments? You’d be outraged! You’d protect them!

Creating a truer lifeYou CAN kick your inner-voice to the curb, you have my permission and I promise not to call CPS. Is your self talk any kinder than the narrative coming from the first-world view the media is offering?

Okay, why should you care? Because this world is big; bigger than you’ll ever see. It’s also deep – and we only get a little glimpse of it all. If you are brave and cultivate intimacy, if you work to live in the 2nd world-view, you’ll find more truth in your reality. How can you see reality when your nose if 14” from a screen? (click to Tweet)

So, as we change seasons and go into a quieter place, I challenge you (us) to create a truer, kinder, more empowering narrative. Choose a reality that is gentler to your soul, truer to your being. Choose the truth over the big story. Let’s cultivate truth and intimacy. Let’s share deeply lived lives far from the stories made to control and scare people. Live the life in front of you.

Life IS two-faced…but it is also beautiful. Part of that beauty is that you have the power to choose.

Choose the Truth,


Michelle Andres is a writer and artist who cultivates her own Well Writer, Artist, CoachLived Life by drinking in the beauty around her, following her passion, respecting others and doing her best to own her own dookie.

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