I’ve got friends in High PlacesFriends

How about you?

I’m not a social climber or name-dropper – but my friends give me priceless advantage with very little effort on their part. I’m more of a siphon…not a sponge. These friends presence in my life put me at a distinct advantage for being a success.

You must be thinking ugly things about me. I deserve it because I sort of intentionally misled you. I’m mischievous that way…can’t help it.

My friends in high places are not business or political connections, they’re people who take the high ground in their day-to-day lives and inspire me to do the same. They act as a compass for me, when nurturing others, remaining non-judgmental and, in some aspects, help me drive my business in the spirit of being a positive and service-based.

I remember someone once telling me about how they grew up. They didn’t have a great example of a family, but they had friends who came from wonderful, loving families. They took that experience as an opportunity to learn something outside of their daily living. “Take what you like and build it into your own life,” they said. Diversity is good that way. We need to see options for living outside of our own experiences. We can follow examples and lead by example.

Friends in high placesHaving good people around you is a blessing…and a choice (click to Tweet). I’m lucky to have a wonderful family and wonderful friends. Still, occasionally someone does something that offends my sensibilities and I become “challenged.” I’m not perfect, we’ve fully established that, but I’d rather respond than react – and not in a way I’d later regret. So, I ask myself, “What would Gertrude Minerva do? (Not her real name). It’s similar to WWJD, only I can actually break bread and drink with these people. They’re my tribe. I know some of you will say something like “Jesus is my guide in a high place.“ Well, that can’t be beat, but it’s nice to have some fleshy guides, too.

My High Place Friends embody the qualities and character I admire. They’re champions, resources, inspiration, and they may or may not know that. No need to tell them…really. They probably don’t need the pressure. A friend once referred to his high place friends as his “Personal Board of Directors.”Friends Trusted allies he could go to for sage advice. I guess it all comes down to our ability to wisely select our Personal Board of Directors. Sometimes, we have toxic people in our lives, and it may or may not be time to weed the garden…but it’s always time to seed the garden. (click to Tweet).

Unlike the Supreme Court, those selected for our Personal Board of Directors may or may not enjoy a lifetime appointment. As we grow and change, what we see, what we want, who we hope to be can be adjusted for internal and environmental factors. The more you know, you know? So, I believe it’s permissible for them to have a term. Don’t re-elect them if they don’t serve your higher good. This is not an appeal to dump old friends, just change their classification.

Friends in high places? I’m thrilled I’ve found some. How about you?




Michelle Andres is a writer and artist who cultivates her own Well Lived Writer, Artist, CoachLife by drinking in the beauty around her, following her passion, respecting others and owning her own dookie.

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