Studio Space

Sirima Sataman’s workspace as seen on design

How important is studio space to creating the art you love? What impact does it have on your work? To some of us, the surroundings are vital to success…to others, the impact is minimal.

I know people who’ve made art in basements, in garages and at kitchen tables. I once made a mosaic bench on two saw horses and an old door (the table) in a falling down gazebo.  I’m sure others have created in stranger places.

It’s interesting our preferences, and the excuses we can use to NOT create. For instance, I have a friend who has been delaying art-making

Studio Space

Claire Basler at work – Buddhabrot

until she has a “proper space.” It’s going on 3 or 4 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing any fingers…just observing.

I’ve found some spaces are more inspirational than others. I used to share a studio space that had previously been used by a very renowned artist. I expected an infusion of juju that couldn’t be beat down with a big ol’ stick, but that never happened. As a matter of fact, I practically couldn’t write in that space. The energy was all wrong – and because it was shared – it could be energetically cleared and then would soon be filthy with negative buzz again. No. Helping. It.

  • There are people who can create in chaos, and others who need order to summon the muse.
  • There are people who can work in sterile surroundings, and those who need beauty around them to create.
  • There are people who must be alone, and those who thrive on collaboration and buzz.
  • For some, the surroundings don’t matter as much as the time of day – or night.

For me, I would pretty much create wherever you put me, but high levels of stress freak me out – maybe that’s another topic…one for a therapist. (click to Tweet).  I do find certain surroundings are more conducive to prolific creation, however. And, other little details, like music, a water source, good light – those things matter to me.

So this week, I just wonder what impact YOU think surroundings have on prolific creation and stellar artwork. What do you need that you don’t have? Is that a real need, or is it a want? Is it an excuse? How is it for you? Feel free to share, here in the comment box at the bottom of the page. You may have to click on the title of the blog to make them appear. I look forward to the conversation. (For more inspirational studios – check out my Pinterest – Studiohhhh board). 



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