[Tweet “He who chases two rabbits catches neither one.”]

The saying is a Roman proverb, sometimes contributed to Confucious.

Recently, I felt like I was chasing more than two rabbits. The furry moppets refused to hang together and…well…I’m not as fast as I used to be. The constant changing of direction and gears seems to put a damper on my speed and hinder a razor-sharp focus.

So, sometimes it’s best to cut bait and walk away.

But, how do we make the decisions about which rabbits to chase and when to cut them loose? I guess it’s dependent upon our objectives and priorities. AND, do we even give consideration to such things? When it comes to priorities, do you spend time examining them, or just let the tail wag the rabbit-chasing dog? (click to Tweet)

When considering which rabbit to chase, I say if you’re supporting a family and need the income, that might be your first priority – the money – so you chase the biggest, fattest rabbit you can find.

However, if you have the luxury and a passion that burns so hot you might need penicillin, you may decide to chase that rabbit – the bone skinny one that’s faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck. You’re pursuing your dreams, after all.

Or, you might be like me, somewhere in the middle. With a passion and a need and room for both – but not for 3 or 4 rabbits. My thundering herd of rodents had me feeling rather baffled and exhausted. Time for a nap under a shade tree to re-prioritize. Here’s a handy list:

1. What do I need?

2. What do I love the most?

3.What makes sense right now?

So, I’m thinning the herd. When chasing too many rabbits, I find they prioritieshave a tendency to multiply fast, and pull me down the rabbit holes. While I love coaching individual artists, I’ve decided, in the future, I’ll only work with groups and classes. I’ll be taking the energy I expended and focus more intently on my art – and of course, continue to write the blog.

And, who’s to say the rabbits we set free won’t be hiding in the bushes, waiting for us when we get our second wind? (click to Tweet). Let’s never say never, for now.

By the way, there’s an entirely different, but related, topic that keeps poking it’s head into my stream of consciousness here… how do we know when to cut bait all together? I once heard someone say, “If there’s still passion around what you’re doing, even if you’re not gaining ground, it’s not time to let go.” So, I guess that’s how we know when it’s DONE. We feel flat – finished. At least it works for me.

What are you chasing? Is it feeling impossible? Share it with us here.

Winded but Still Salivating,



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