(Disclaimer: This is not REALLY me.)

I’m a “recovering Catholic.”

Yet, I still believe I must bleed on it.

Although I’ve taught time management workshops for years, and I can spot a “Time Drain Myth” from miles away – still I clutch to this big lie like Wylie Coyote to a twig on a cliff.

“For it to be really good – I must bleed on it.”

Sweat is not enough. Tears pale in comparison. It must have the mark of bit of blood and it has to hurt…only then do I know, the job is good enough. It doesn’t even have to be PERFECT…at least not in the big sense…but it does have to be, well, red. (I think there’s a pun there!).

It becomes especially imperative when I’m not well versed in the topic. (I think I’m dripping with puns). For instance, I don’t REALLY let blood over this weekly blog post – and it’s not because you’re not important to me – YOU ARE!  I’ve written so many of these posts I’ve felt the tender softness of your forgiveness when I miss the mark. I know your mercy. [Tweet “I’ve come to realize, what isn’t my cup of tea may perfectly quench the thirst of another. -Michelle Andres”] This is also a comforting thought in art making.

Ah, but a website, marketing collateral, those are things I don’t build or do every day. And, if it’s really hard to do, I want to make it perfect, because I don’t want to have to do it twice…

That hurts too much.

But, why should every day be a crucifixion? (Click to Tweet) Am I pathological? In my defense, I think these thoughts were put into my head BEFORE my logical filters were fully up and running, after all, I was a first-born, Catholic, typical over-achieving child. After early indoctrination, I’ve spent my adult life railing against perfection. As you know, I appreciate and admire the flaws. So, why this one last grain of pain for gain? I’m a sicko.

But, I’m okay with that.

This morning I planned to write my post, but my day was hi-jacked by my sweet husband. He has a cool, new product for wine lovers and restaurants. For weeks he’s been requesting some marketing materials and a more fully-developed website to highlight this stop overworkproduct. Today, he caught me before coffee, made all the right strategic moves and I HAD to clear the deck for him – work-wise speaking, of course.

This time, I did not start from scratch. I used previously written copy, I only edited one photograph, I enlisted great web-development forces and used existing designs for marketing materials. I discovered first aid, and no sickos were harmed in the making of this “happening! Guess what?

It worked!

It was fast and nearly painless – except for the crick in my neck.

[Tweet “Today, I opted for the hedonistic, heathen way, and I liked it! -Michelle Andres”]The good news is, it didn’t really  hi-jack my day, because it took a fraction of the time.

So, why am I telling you this story? I KNOW I’m not the only one. I see those of you, lurking behind the bushes, knowing we share the same imperfections. You there – step forward into the light! Do it PUBLICALLY! Leave a comment on the blog – let’s share our struggles because confession is good for the soul.

Life Should NOT Be Crime Scene ~



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