Sometimes things go bump in the night.    Great ideas in the night

Sometimes, as I’m falling asleep, I’m struck by profound thoughts or ideas that I cannot possibly grasp when I’m fully conscious.

Inevitably, I’ll lie there thinking I’ll be able to retrieve the thought in the morning, like the gossamer remnants of a dream…but it never happens that way (click to Tweet). It’s like a gorilla trying to scale a spider web. I clumsily tear away – but like a dream, bits fall away and the concept is lost. 

Sometimes, in the dark, I’ll jot the note on a pad on my nightstand. In the morning, I’ll struggle to decipher my hieroglyphics and stare befuddled at the paper. So this time, I decided to outsmart my cosmic muse and dragged my bones from the bed.

This is a feeble attempt to capture this cosmic information and I whole-heartedly believe it’s so elusive because the Universe has deemed me unworthy of the knowledge. I’m not privy to the “truth” that hides behind the veil (click to Tweet). I only get glimpses when I’m drifting off, forgetting who I really am – or am I remembering who I really am? Not sure, but pretty sure it’s one of those two.

I’ve struggled with expressing what pulled me from my impending slumber. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not a good enough writer, or not a good enough thinker. I’ll try to share my thought with you now. It was something along these lines…

We all have lessons to learn from one another. I’m not talking about a lesson like tolerating someone who annoys us, or learning to confront a bully, no. It’s BIGGER. It’s about our interwoven, interrelated experiences. It’s practically, maybe certainly, “cosmic.” For instance, if something significant is happening in your life, your path will impact me…in some way, as the heavens pitch situations and lessons to us. Your experience will certainly be your own, as will your personal lesson, but your “event” can be the catalyst that impacts me and teaches me a lesson of my own. We are all connected and effect one another – like those big, structured, but moveable toys – you know…these…

Great ideas

We’re like characters in a play that are all affected by one central theme, but playing different parts with different experiences and different lessons to learn about life and being. The biggest part is we’re unaware of what is happening, we’re not seeing the connections; we’re missing the cause and effect relationships.

When I have these moments, in the twilight of consciousness, it feels sort of like déjà vu. It’s a knowing. It’s almost a spiritual knowing, like a piece of me remembers where it came from and how we are connected, but it isn’t allowed to play in this world, it only slips behind the veil of unconsciousness when I forget/remember who I am.

If you’re still reading…good for you, you hardy soul! Feel free to prove your endurance by leaving a comment here, on the blog (you may have to scroll down a bit). Share your thoughts. If you’re ahead of me on this, teach me. I look forward to the conversation.

 Remember to check the closet before you turn out the lights ~




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